Wednesday, October 18, 2006

GREAT WMD FAILURES: Casey, the castor oil killer

A week or so ago DD blog promised a story on alleged 'ricin terror' that would cause your eyes to roll. And today it's unveiled, the case of the young man who wound up in the government's anti-terror statistics when his marijuana stash tested positive for a weapon of mass destruction.

Be now assured that America is safe from a drug addict trying to make a weapon of mass destruction from castor oil, a laxative. This comes by way of the example of Casey Cutler, a drug addict from Mesa, Arizona, who wound up in the Department of Justice's 2006 count of WMD terror cases broken up by the government. It was reprinted in "Congress's Vigilance in the Five Years Since 9/11: Making America Safer," a propaganda sheet issued by Senator John Kyl on August 6, chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, in anticipation of the five year rehash and memorial.

Read the rest here at the Reg.


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