Monday, October 09, 2006

THE SPEECHES OF AZZAM THE AMERICAN: Somewhat less popular than CIA commercials

American officials and pols usually portray al Qaeda operatives as clever, capable of anything, "taller" than they may be in real life. No ninnies, flakes, weirdos, weaklings or foolish-looking warriors allowed, like in Western society.

I love eating chocolate cupcakes.
And then Azzam the American, nee "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" Adam Gadahn of southern California, comes along and spoils all that hard work, scotching the image with one silly-looking video capture.

Although the subject of articles in print and bits on the evening news, DD reckoned almost no one watches videos of Azzam. Thus throwing into question the cosmopolitan savvy of al Qaeda leadership in thinking employment of a bizarre and unphotogenic fellow, even by lax he-lived-on-a-goat-farm standard, is beneficial. Look, if no one will watch or listen, even after you've been made famous world-wide, you must really be one unpersuasive lump.

This was an easy theory to put to the test, using the barometer of all wisdom in the universe, YouTube.

On YouTube, videos of Azzam the American, here, are somewhat less popular than a recent CIA commercial.

"Those nutty Al Qaeda terrorists are at it again," writes the uploader, fruitlessly hoping that, perhaps, Azzam video will become as coveted as The Incredible Mouth Band.

"They released a video this week featuring that wacky 'Azzam the American' and the #2 Al Qaeda guy Dr. Ayman al-Zawahri fills us in on what's up."

Unfortunaly, "Since most of the audio reproduced in this . . . video is not in English, a Mrs. Barbara Wallace is your translator."


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