Sunday, October 29, 2006


Friday night on David Letterman, the peddling of fiction:

O'Reilly: "Do you know what Ansar al-Islam is? Do you know what that is? You don't. All right, I'm not saying this in a condescending way. I'm really not, okay? I'm not going to call you a bonehead or a pinhead, all right? Ansar al-Islam was the al-Qaeda affiliate in northern Iraq that tried to poison the British water supply with ricin. They operated with Saddam Hussein's okay. Again, complicated, but it isn't so black and white, Dave. It isn't 'We're a bad country, Bush is an evil liar.' That's not true."

The transcript is here.

O'Reilly had no idea what he was talking about. While only making chit-chat with the famous late night TV host, he was the bonehead.

The facts were covered by me through the auspices of the respected think tank, GlobalSecurity.Org, here.

There was no information to the effect that London's water could be poisoned with ricin by al Qaeda. In fact, it's quite remarkable to find such a famous TV newsman/pundit recaste history in a simple tiffe with Letterman, who is essentially just a variety show ringleader/comedian.

A handful of castor seeds in the hands of one loner, Kamel Bourgass, was found in the Wood Green area of London, hardly a WMD, although the press would have a field deal with it for a time.

Fox, along with every other major news organization in the United States, uses GlobalSecurity.Org on a daily basis. But quite often they're only fond of the security information that fits their world view. If there's anything else inconvenient in the daily bushel basket, forget it.


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