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With the firing of Count Rumsfeld, DD's "Bad Guys & Gals Boogie" (or now, more appropriately, "Don Rumsfeld Boogie") is the song for today. About ninety seconds in length, it's a quick download, also containing a vocal performance by the Count reciting one of his famous zen koans on terror. Get it here.

Curt Weldon, a long-time Congressman from the old home state of Pennsy, who DD came to know well for numerous idiocies having to do with national security issues, was also fired -- by voters. Being investigated by the FBI for the possibility of trading favors to ex-Commie businessmen with his daughter as intermediary, a story first elucidated by the Los Angeles Times about a year ago, ignited a fire that would solidly contribute to the end of his political career. Good riddance to Weldon, one of the House's genuine noxious pest weeds.

Weldon was always fond of hectoring the polity about alleged demonical menaces to American civilization no one but him was doing anything to combat.

"Electronic Pearl Harbor" was one of them.

Speaking at a famous security conference in 2000, Weldon said of it: "In my opinion, neither missile proliferation nor weapons of mass destruction are as serious as the threat [ -- cyberterror -- ] you are here to discuss."

It was quite surprising, as far as Weldon propaganda went, because it was only two years earlier that the Republican from the House used almost exactly the same maniacal delivery to describe what was then his current fad: loose Soviet suitcase nukes.

Dreaded loose Soviet suitcase nukes were said to be possibly floating around in the criminal underground, just waiting for the right buyer wishing to blow up an American city. The Russians denied it, Weldon ranted, the Russians denied it, Weldon ranted, the Russians denied it. But those suitcase nukes were hidden in America, dammit!

[Cut to the television drama "Jericho," tonight at 8:00!)

Weldon was well known inside the Beltway for his remarkable ability to see things others could not quite glimpse -- cyberwars more dangerous than missile proliferation, suitcase nukes, electromagnetic pulse attacks, the latter a mostly fictitious menace that could allegedly knock the country back to the Stone Age.

Another atrocity, claimed Weldon, was the giveaway of the "blueprint" -- and DD uses the term very loosely -- for the thermonuclear W87 warhead. (This has special resonance considering the misguided hoo-hah over the story of the exposure of alleged sensitive Iraqi atom bomb design papers last week. Who needed them when the "blueprint" for the W87 was exposed in 1999?)

Weldon, wrote Steve Aftergood in his Secrecy & Government Bulletin, "lashed out at the Clinton Administration which, he insisted, had leaked the W87 design to [U.S. News & World Report magazine]."

"Rep. Weldon told the House on June 7 that 'in 1995, this [W87 illustration] was classified. This administration leaked this document to U.S. News & World Report, giving the entire populace of the world... access to the design of the W87 nuclear warhead.'"

Read the entire story here.

"Curt Weldon has outlived his usefulness to the country," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in an article entitled "The 10 Worst Congressmen" at Weldon was number eight, "The Conspiracy Nut."

These just in: "The Democrats weren't the only winners in last night's elections. The Army and the Marines are looking like they just came out on top, too," writes Defensetech.

And you'll also not want to miss, Rummy Gone; Transformation next?


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