Tuesday, November 07, 2006

IRAQ 'N' ROLL FOR ELECTION DAY! Three years of shit freedom sandwiches for every Iraqi, on us! Who else wants some?

"Iraq 'N' Roll!" is a rock operetta. Guest stars include Dick Cheney, Iraq's Minister of Information for Victorious Call and Combat, Count Rumsfeld and the Wicked Witch of Abu Ghraib. Fourteen cuts of war fever classic rock, including the Dick Cheney-penned “We Will Not Relent,” the jazzy “Posing for Pix in Abu Ghraib,” and the doom metal of “Mortared at Midnite.” Listeners just will not be able to resist tapping their feet to the Foghat-like thumping beat of “Bad Guys & Gals Boogie.”

Annoying amusing pictures, art and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to War" at the DD on-line funpage.

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