Thursday, November 09, 2006

THE JAILBIRD'S BOOKSHELF (An infrequent series): Download crap manuals on poisons and get sent over . . . again

Readers of DD blog know it's expert on the poisons and anarchy literature of the Internet and how the pamphlets are found in the hands of American neo-Nazis, incompetent Islamists with dreams of superterror and sundry idiots. And how when it lands them in the hands of the police and they go before a judge or jury, they can count on efficiently being sent to the dungeon in chains. Why, even the hard drive of DD contains these same manuals!

So it comes as no surprise when Reuters reports, as it did today:

"Police on Thursday charged a woman on terrorism-related offences for possession of a computer hard drive loaded with operating manuals for guns, poisons, mines and munitions.

"Police said the charges against the woman were connected with the arrest last month of a man caught at Heathrow airport in possession of a night vision scope and a poisons handbook.

"Police said among the items on the hard drive found in her possession were the Al Qaeda Manual, The Terrorists Handbook, The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, a manual for a Dragunov sniper rifle, The Firearms and RPG Handbook, a manual for a 9mm pistol and a manual on how to win hand to hand fighting."

The entirety of it is here.

And while the process of being packed off to jail in such cases is not so novel, the fact that the "manuals" -- and in this case it is useful to know that manual is defined as an electronic something which contains no valid information, but trash written in such a way as to be scary to the layman -- are still such objects of desire by a stupid and threadbare would-be criminal/terrorist element, is.

DD has long ragged on the Mujahideen Poisons Handbook, by example here in: Horse Dropping or Cow Dropping?

To review, careful examination of the Poisons Handbook shows that it is crammed with errors, seemingly the work of someone with little discernible sense, profoundly ignorant of the nature of simple compounds and incompetent in even minor laboratory procedures.

It is an example of someone professing to know what he is doing on poisons who profoundly and obviously does not know what he is doing. It also contains obvious fabrications, although DD has no desire to point out and correct them, one by one, for the sake of ninnies for whom the volume constitutes irresistible flypaper. (See here for the last eye-popping mainstream major newsmedia funnypage on the "handbook.")

As for the al Qaeda Manual, or more accurately, the Manual of Afghan Jihad, DD refers you to our President's creative use of it it in recent happier times.


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