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If you are to seek liberty and truth you must first seek right and reason and not argue the facts of one issue, for it will not make any sense ...

Wish I could make that up, but -- sadly, no -- it's from today's edition of the Lehigh Valley Conservative.

Over at Glenn Greenwald, there's a long discussion on the politics of resentment as practiced in Heevahava Country.

Invariably, it boils down to rage from the white middle class in Pennsyltucky, or South Carolina, or Indiana -- over getting screwed out of their American dream.

And it's true -- in Heevahava Country they have been screwed over, along with everyone else not in the very top tier of America. But who are they angry with? It's those who allegedly get all the entitlements -- the poor born brown and black who are making off with hard-earned tax revenue.

Here at DD blog this is seen as unusually ludicrous but not surprising. As someone who has followed and been involved in national security issues for the past eight years, I've seen it's not the poor who are getting bigger and bigger pieces of the pie.

It's the defense industry that takes huge slices from the larder, rewarding no one but its own in the process of seemingly endless war. If you want a career in national security, you sharpen your skills at finding new enemies, even when they don't exist. And if an enemy does exist, then there is no money in appraising it accurately, only in exaggerating it. Nothing else grows the business.

Or one can consider the financial industry. Or any large collective industry dominated by super-wealthy corporations. One could any significant industry which has successfully taken over the government's business of regulation through the buying and securing of Congressional and Executive power and used that power for nothing but legislation-enhanced looting of the country.

Yet the Ted Nugent-ization of the GOP voter in Heevahava Country delivers something like this, always reliably, from the LVC:

"I suspect that most people that don’t have health-care insurance are people that can’t afford it, or don’t want it because it’s not high enough on their priority list," it is written. "Booze, drugs, cigarettes, junk food, lottery tickets and rental movies are more important to many that are on the public dole!"

It's never right to go out and yell for the lynching of executives at Citi or BofA or Goldman Sachs, no matter the latest outrage. It is, however, always time to redirect that rage at those who have little or nothing.

They're taking my s--- and buying stuff they don't deserve and shouldn't have!

Throw the cow over the fence some hay, dammit, the welfare leeches are spending my taxes on booze, drugs, cigarettes, junk food, lottery tickets and rental movies!

In Heevahava Country, they're plugged in to their own special news delivery. And it furnishes bray for the angry idiot, ready to inspire a stoning of the neighbor's house across town, because the neighbor is gay, or educated, or a teacher, or a Democrat, and doesn't go to church right, or all of those combined. Insanely though, in Heevahava Country they're still bootlickers for those who've deprived them of the most, mad-as-hell at those in the same boat as them.

Maybe there is wisdom in this. Since there's no obvious way -- no political process, no way to get power to go after those at the top of American society, it could be better to work mercilessly at pushing others like you out of your sinking rowboat -- while pretending they're not like you. Or if your present health insurance is no damn good, isn't it better to derail any move to improve it just to make sure those who don't have it now can't possibly wind up more fortunate than you after reform?

"The [President] surrounds himself with non-electable, non-accountable, self-avowed Communists that know nothing but contempt for the American way of life ..." continues the LVC. "Sounds more like a Castro type to me! Maybe a black Michael Moore ... [He] wants to hand out even more entitlements and to 'spread the wealth' to the failing underclass of people that the Democrats helped to create in the first place."

"The easy play would be to be angry at the nine banks who received $175 billion taxpayer dollars through the Troubled Asset Relief Program and then shelled out $33 billion of these dollars in bonuses to employees," wrote bonafide crazy and nastyman Ted Nugent illustratively a few months ago.

While such anger would be logical, says the Nuge, the bankers are not the right targets. Ted, who whenever given a stage relentlessly professes to be for the common shlub, says the real appropriate target is Obama healthcare reform. That's the guilty party!

"If you support Fedzilla's socialist and Marxist bloodsucker ways, do true freedom addicts a favor and move to Europe where your dream is alive and not so well," he rants in another column.

"[Others -- Ted means poor people, especially those with brown or black skin, as usual] fail to do anything to improve their health."

Nugent makes clear those without health insurance, the poor, those denied policies, those recently fired -- are bloodsuckers.

"Yet still some of these bloodsuckers have the audacity to believe someone else should pay for their health care when they obviously do not care about their health. Is this the Planet of the Fat Apes or America?

"A dose of truth: health care is not a right. It is a personal responsibility. If you don't give a damn about your health care, how dare you demand another free man to pay for it."

"Disjointed positions and arguments seem to be more prevalent today only because of the seriousness of the problems and ignorance of the people at this moment in history," adds the Lehigh Valley Conservative.

I've heard a busted watch is right twice a day, sort of.

As I Vaz Sayink

"An article on the Fox News Web site has put forth the theory that health reform is a stealth version of reparations for slavery: whites will foot the bill and, by some undisclosed mechanism, blacks will get all the care," writes Barbara Ehrenreich for the New York Times.

"When you’re going down, as the white middle class has been doing for several years now, it’s all too easy to imagine that it’s because someone else is climbing up over your back."

She concludes:

"So despite the right-wing perception of black power grabs, this recession is on track to leave blacks even more economically disadvantaged than they were. Does a black president who is inclined toward bipartisanship dare address this destruction of the black middle class? Probably not. But if Americans of all races don’t get some economic relief soon, the pain will only increase and with it, perversely, the unfounded sense of white racial grievance."


Anonymous Soj said...

I know this is the wrong thread but I've been reading your EMP articles (awesome stuff).

I was wondering if you think that the old TV miniseries "Amerika" back in 1987 might have sparked all of this.

After all, that's how the Soviet Union took over America (EMP blasts) and then showed all the liberals cooperating with our new Soviet masters :P

Keep up the awesome writing!

11:44 PM  
Blogger George Smith said...

Unbelievable as it may seem, I can't recall 'Amerika', so I must not have seen it.

However, the general theme of the country having its way of life and technology amputated by a sneak EMP attack has been fairly common on television, so there's lots of reinforcement from other venues. Since it's on TV, it seems entirely rational to many. And since the people who do best are always the survivalists -- who must be from the far right and the only ones equipped to resist -- then the part of the turncoat and collaborator falls always to the left.

7:51 AM  

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