Thursday, September 24, 2009


Updated, II

Hits at DD blog always spike when news of alleged hydrogen peroxide bombing al Qaeda men is on the front page.

"Terrorism suspect Najibullah Zazi plotted for more than a year to detonate homemade bombs in the United States, had recently bought bomb-making supplies from beauty supply stores and was looking for 'urgent' help in the past two weeks to make explosives, an indictment charged Thursday," reported AP minutes ago.

"[Najibullah Zazi] rented a suite at a hotel in his hometown of Aurora, Colo., authorities charge. The room had a kitchen, and subsequent FBI testing for explosives and residue in the suite found the presence of residue in the vent above the stove.

"In July and August, Zazi bought unusually large amounts of hydrogen peroxide and acetone — a solvent commonly found in nail polish remover — from beauty supply stores in the Denver metropolitan area, [the government indictment says]..."

If true, and if the evidence of TATP explosive or concentration of hydrogen peroxide is substantial, Zazi will be sent over -- probably for life. The various documents, included in the indictment at Cryptome look particularly damning.

In the UK, there have been three bomb plots which employed peroxide. Most recently, DD touched upon the Airplane Plot Liquid Bombers. For them, concentrated hydrogen peroxide was the oxidizer for a primary of Tang citric acid/sugar powder concentrate.

In the London tubeway bombings, also known as the 7/7 plot, peroxide bombs in satchels were used.

A third plot concerned what DD dubbed the flour and peroxide bombers. (Also see here for a pic and more on the Chapatti Flour Gang's Peroxide Bombs -- which did not work.)

The entire archive on jihadists and peroxide bombing at DD is here.

TATP -- one hydrogen peroxide-based compound, is discussed here.

So far, if the news is actually true, DD leans toward Zazi -- in terms of threat -- as in the same league as the Chapati Flour Gang bombers: inept and desparate but someone who will invariably be taken off the street and banged up for a good long time.

If there is any good news in this sorry tale it's that it is some evidence that despite the passage of years, al Qaeda has shown little if any talent for improving its methods. They're still reliant on people combing drugstores and beauty salons after a beggar's trip/trawl around the Internet.

Longer and with some illustrative pics -- at SITREP.


Blogger Bonze said...

I cannot for the life of me figure out why they're including Ken Alibek noting the hazards of bioweapons in a video dedicated to promoting anti-missile programs.


8:07 AM  
Blogger George Smith said...

I'd wager it's just stock footage they glued in from some PBS or Discovery Channel special, made to cast the impression those missiles could be loaded with ANYTHING!

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