Friday, November 21, 2008

THOUGHTFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS: For all your old white trash pals in the GOP

DD received his annual gift catalog from Stupid Redneck Co. a couple weeks ago. It's chock full of items perfect for your favorite white grandpap, Joe the Plumber or very Midwestern-looking matron.

Let's get right to the best of the selection.

So funny, they'll soil themselves!

Caution: For best results with red, use only
after spaghetti dinner.

For the patriot who knows the government is
going to take his assault rifle. First ten sold
with complimentary copy of "The Turner Diaries."

How to make sure your comments
get posted at

On Jesus's Ten Best Books of All Time list.

Finally, a companion shirt to "I'm With Stupid"

Genuine Grandpap & Old Fart Brand white lace chair
armrests. Spray can of cheap cigar odor included.

Meth Whore mug not shown.

Americans are still world leaders in innovation.

For the special ninny who actually
watches Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel.

Official camo bush jacket for dogs.
Designed and certified genuine by Ted Nugent.


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