Wednesday, November 19, 2008

THE LEHIGH VALLEY CRANK: Local edition of "The Turner Diaries"

Overtired after the election, Tetanus let the inner child hang out today in the Lehigh Valley blogosphere. Showcased by the Morning Call newspaper in Allentown, here, you can jump the gun on today's entry by scrolling down to the Lehigh Valley Conservative. You shan't want to miss "Our Failing Culture."

Initially, Tetanus explores one of the popular scapegoat themes emanting from the extreme GOP right: Americans are the product of failed public school education and that's why they elected Barack Obama, the socialist/Marxist.

"To continue the brainwashing, the Hollywood entertainment industry and the MSM join in to destroy our traditional American way of life," it rants. "The public schools start with our very young, the colleges re-inforce those liberal Godless attitudes ..."

Nothing to see here. Move along, now, it's just the primate flinging poo at the bars of the cage.

But it gets better, launching into an even more paranoid white identity screed, one the author of "The Turner Diaries" would have been proud to call his own.

"If the churches get too bold, the ACLU will intervene, only on behalf of liberal causes, as we know," it continues. "These people are mainly communist Jews and others who hate Christians. I looked up many of the members, so I know! I also did much googling on why this is and found that many of the Jews that came here from the former Soviet Union, were the elite educated class that work primarily as professors in our universities. If you remember, about 30 years ago, some of the American Jewish groups were complaining that too many Soviet Jews were being persecuted on a religious level and wanted to come here for religious freedom. I think it was under Carter. Thousands came here and most all were well educated and not the average working person. How did we know who these people really were? The cold war was going on and the Soviets could have purposely sent Communists here to work against us. I would say that they have succeeded. There was no way we could have vetted them since the Soviets had all the records."

To summarize: The Soviets sent Commie Jews here during the Carter administration to be in the ACLU and universities. They hate Christians. You can Google it.

Has DD missed something?

"I am NOT anti-Jew, I am anti Communist, anti-Fascist and anti-liberal," Tetanus attempts to explain. "I believe that 78 percent of American Jews voted for Obama and I am deeply concerned about that."

In any case, DD doesn't believe Morning Call editors read any of the blogs their newspaper chooses to showcase.

We should take the time to remind them of their current awkward position.

Send mail to Call editors Ardith Hilliard and/or Michael Hirsch commending them on helping to put the Lehigh Valley's best foot forward on the web.

If you need a letter, cut and paste the text below. It's gracious and polite but uniquely to the point.

Dear Editors:

I'm writing to commend you on the all inclusive quality of the Call's webpage devoted to the Lehigh Valley blogosphere.

Without the broadmindedness shown by editors, I would never have learned that the American Civil Liberties Union and universities are filled with Communist Jews who hate Christians.

For reference:

Again, a special thanks and tip of the hat to you for showcasing new and bold ideas from the local blogosphere. It shows that you care in these times of great national difficulty and ignorance.

E-mailers may find this to be a useful tool.


The Lehigh Valley Crank

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