Friday, November 14, 2008

OBAMAHITLER COMING: And other weird tales

"Ex Hitler youth, Hilmar von Campe, tells us we may be headed for real trouble," warns Tetanus today.

In case the point's not made clear: "Hitler had his Nazi youth groups brainwashed in much the same way as we have ours now, except Hitler was more nationally organized," it explained a day earlier. Christ is about to return, muses one reader, perhaps an avid fan of the books of Tim LaHaye.

More reasonably, gun sales are up -- writes another Lehigh Valley blogger. With Barack Obama as President -- a liberal -- there might be "cause for concern." Is it a a "slippery slope" moment?

Coincidentally: "What will you do when they come to take your guns?" -- a blurb on the jacket copy of "The Turner Diaries" when it was published by National Vanguard.

"Earl Turner and his fellow patriots face this question and are forced underground when the US government bans the private possession of firearms and stages the mass Gun Raids to round up suspected gun owners."

"I would congratulate [Barack Obama] on a well run campaign, remind him that it is the guiding light of the U.S. Constitution and sacred Bill of Rights that makes America so great and that his voting record of creating the curse of 'gun free zones' has proven to be the preferred slaughter zones for killers of unarmed, helpless victims, and that he damn well better cut it out," said famous Waco-resident, Ted Nugent, to a newspaper writer in Tennessee.

Earlier in the year, Ted was less diplomatic.

"Obama, he’s a piece of shit," he told a crowd at a concert in California. "I told him to suck on my machine gun." But that's Ted. Exciting on stage. But I'm sure he never personally told Obama to suck on his machine gun.

Ted's new book, "Ted, White & Blue," is currently at #274 on Amazon's sales list.

"In his trademark unapologetic style, Nugent will praise God, guns, and red-blooded, full-throated Americanism against pantywaist politicians, nanny-state judges, and tofu-eating Obamamaniacs," reads the book description.

Hey, don't forget the fags. Someone ought to shoot the p.r. man who overlooked that essential strawman for the ad copy.

"In Ted, White, and Blue you'll discover: Why war is the answer to so many of our current problems ..."

TW & B is apparently an easier sell than Ted's last studio record, Love Grenade, bought by virtually nobody except your host. Ted's most recent CD is a live performance recorded in Sweden.

Anyway, Ted Nugent plays guitar a whole lot better than he writes.

As a rocker, Ted's responsible for two of the best tunes in the business: "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Yank Me, Crank Me." However, if you're not a lip-reader, it will take you about the running time of both songs to get the essential substance of it in the store. In music, that's good. In books, not so much.

So while TW&B is by Regnery, the publishing arm for the far right, his audience isn't getting the best utilization of talent.

People who bought Ted's book also bought noted author Chuck Norris's "Black-Belt Patriotism," Amazon informs.

Here's another magisterial book, in at 1,250,151 on Amazon: "The Neglected Voter: White Men and the Democratic Dilemma" by David Paul Kuhn.

New in trade paper as of September of 2008, it has garnered fulsome praise. "Democrats needn't despair ... Kuhn shows them how they can win white men back," wrote some expert back when no one knew any better.

"It is really a powerful book," wrote one white man. "I went in skeptical and went out having been thoroughly been changed by it. It moved me ... and I thought i would just be mad at it. I purchased this book by accident."

"As a Republican, I found this book very interesting and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading page after page about how the Democrats have failed at the polls because it [sic] has repeatedly attacked white men and failed to appeal to them," opined another white man.

Cheat sheet

In case readers don't recognize the reference, the meaning of "The Turner Dairies," as ranked by Google, is here.

DD read it years ago as research on American extremist literature during the publishing run of the old Crypt Newsletter. It's probably the most successful book of the genre, if successful is the right word to use.

Today, too many of the neo-Nazi white identity screeds from it often resemble what comes out of the Republican party. During the McCain campaign, the constant complaint about socialism -- of others, i.e. black people, getting something they don't deserve, was present. It's also all through "The Turner Dairies," only the book is much less polite in its furnished solutions.

The liberal elites of "the System" -- the US government -- are the enemy, too, in "The Turner Diaries." When the revolutionaries gain the upper hand near the book's climax, an atom bomb on the Pentagon, they begin hanging people -- notably Jews, judges and university professors. This minor excerpt -- "A grossly fat old man, whom I immediately recognized as the Federal judge who had handed down the System's most outrageous rulings in recent years ..." -- could easily come straight from evening news on the Fox channel complaining about the gay marriage statute in California or any other judge said to have gone rogue and defied the will of the people in civil cases which don't align with the so-called cultural values of its viewers.

Also see Sean Hannity re Fox News' "expose" of Barack Obama by anti-Semite Andy Martin prior to the election.


News piece on death threats aimed at the President-elect.


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