Thursday, December 20, 2007


George W. Bush launched another pre-emptive war today, unsurprisingly. This one is against California. It was a sally for auto makers and a reinforcement of his real attitude on global warming, which is that of a pathological stonewall to progress that's translated into national inaction so transparent it got the US booed in Bali.

You can't let us get off the gas pedal on your terms, was Bush's argument. There'd be anarchy. Like he cares.

Pasadena often looks like the SUV capital of the world from DD's vantage point. We live under a pillar of smog, often invisible but always there, even on the brightest days. For twelve years I haven't been able to get sunburned in the ding-dang yard because of auto emissions. DD has to go to Santa Barbara to get seared, fer cryin' out loud!

We're definitely not green here and there's even a big Hummer dealer on Colorado -- that'd be Rte. 66.

Southern California represents a big chunk of the American auto market. The night lights from the sprawling auto dealerships along the Ventura Highway alone can probably be seen from orbit. Automakers need sales in California. It's a mighty ache for them to consider actually having to make vehicles that would meet its future standards.

So together with fourteen other states (even Pennsylvania), California has been mandating the elevation of fuel standards in a solid manner, effectively beginning to set environmental policy for the nation in the vacuum of national decadence and obstruction created by the President.

And the thing from the pit in the nation's capitol could not abide it.

It will be left to the courts to decide if the EPA's refusal to issue a waiver, as it has many times before, will be thrown down. In the Lehrer news hour Senator Barbara Boxer was refreshingly supercilious toward the White House and the former Bush adminstration hack chosen to argue for the EPA. If the two had been in the same room together, she looked like she might have slapped the man's face every time he lied or misrepresented what the EPA had or hadn't done in the past.

"The Bush administration’s decision to deny California permission to regulate and reduce global warming emissions from cars and trucks is an indefensible act of executive arrogance that can only be explained as the product of ideological blindness and as a political payoff to the automobile industry," wrote the New York Times.

Governor Terminator, how 'bout looking into getting the state National Guard to build a strategic deterrent?


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