Saturday, December 15, 2007

E-MAIL OF THE DAY: Tidings of comfort and joy


You have two major mistakes in your current blog.

First of all it's Audiopain not Acidpain, They are a old school blackened thrash band, not some hardcore punk band.

Secondly, if you bothered to read the one sheet that came on the back of the Havoc Unit promo you would of saw the album title was called h.IV+ [Hoarse Industrial Viremia], the Umoral was a sticker on the Havoc Unit letting you know a 7" by the name of Umoral was online at but I assume you didn't bother to go there to look for album covers since your review site is so minimalist.

Thanks for you time, check your shit before you comment on it!

Joseph // vendlus

Dear sir:

Thanks for your concerned and thoughtful note. As the first bare CD was so minimal, I did not realize it was named after HIV disease instead of the other thing on the sticker. You are quite right in pointing out this dreadful error.

With regards to Acidpain, rather -- Audiopain's The Switch to Turn Off Mankind: I still believe that printing the lyrics in black on black paper for the CD booklet was the most innovative development in heavy music this year, easy. Of course, I am now eagerly awaiting the band's next idea. What will they come up with in 2008?

Best wishes to you in this holiday season,


Throw away music -- the original.

Last week's installment of E-mail of the day.


Anonymous Joseph @ Vendlus said...


This once again shows your unprofessionalism. This email was written to you in hopes that you would correct your journalistic mistakes, not something for you to post on your blog. That link for one is for reviewers not for your niche fanbase.

I hope this is good example to future labels who wish to send your materials for review that you are not one to trust ensure you have the band's name right or even correct your mistakes.

Here's hoping that with the new year you learn better habits of being an editor of your own blog.

Kind Regards,

Joseph // Vendlus

9:15 AM  
Anonymous JonB said...

Oh for the love of god.

"you would of saw the album title"
You would HAVE SEEN the album title.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Caccia said...

Great reply Dick! Keep up the good work. Don't change a thing, or I'll stop reading.

7:38 PM  

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