Thursday, December 13, 2007

MISTRIAL DECLARED IN TERROR TRIAL OF LIBERTY CITY PATSIES: Half of jury declines to cooperate in frame job

"In a stinging defeat for the Bush administration, one of seven Miami men [Lyglenson Lemorin] accused of plotting to join forces with al-Qaeda to blow up Chicago's Sears Tower was acquitted Thursday, and the case against the rest ended in a hung jury," reported AP today.

"Federal prosecutor Richard Gregorie said the government planned to retry the six next year, and the judge said a new jury would be picked starting Jan. 7.

"The White House had seized on the case to illustrate the dangers of homegrown terrorism and trumpet the government's post-Sept. 11 success in infiltrating and smashing terrorism plots in their earliest stages ... The defense portrayed the seven men as hapless figures who were either manipulated and entrapped by the FBI or went along with the plot to con [an FBI informant named 'Mohammed'] out of $50,000.

"Outside the courtroom, jury foreman Jeff Agron said the group took four votes but was split roughly evenly between guilt and innocence for the other six men."

"Defense lawyers contended that the informant and an overzealous FBI were responsible for pushing the alleged conspiracy along," reported AP.

Another similar case involving an FBI informant of questionable character, an African American man accused of being a terrorist, and the scent of entrapment is the one unfolding against Hassan Abu-Jihaad, written of earlier here.

The Liberty City Seven case ends in a mistrial.


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