Monday, December 24, 2007

HOW THOUGHTFUL: I stole this mix of Christmas music just for you

"Giving, taking pirated carols" read a lead story in today's LA Times business section.

Naturally, when one sees a business or features story these days about the fabulous world of downloaded music, it's all about the inexhaustible cool of young people stealing everything that can't be nailed down. And how out-of-it and old are those who stupidly still buy music on CDs.

"Older people tend to buy the CDs," reads the subhed.

"Swapping copyrighted music is illegal," reports the newspaper, somewhat obviously. "But people such as 17-year old Jordan Krinke of Yorba Linda say they don't experience even a twinge of guilt about downloading pirated Christmas music for her friends. In fact, Krinke said she used the tracks she found free ... to create holiday compilation CDs for her friends."

How thoughtful is Jordan Krinke of Yorba Linda.

Let's see, she bought her CDs at BestBuy or the supermarket or her mommy and daddy did. (Why did the newspaper not find someone who at least tried to steal the digital media, too?) And she put together a mix of tunes for her friends that they might not even play once, if DD knows the general attitude about hearing more Xmas tuneage after being exposed to it in shopping malls since just after Thanksgiving.

DD understands.

It's like giving someone you don't really give a fig about during the holiday season a fruitcake, like we did in old-timey days. Only we had to actually pay for the fruitcake, a card and the giftwrap.

"This is one issue that really skews with age," said some egghead for the Times because newspaper reporters are forbidden from stating that which is self-evident unless an expert can be found to say it.

"The generational gap still means there are plenty of people who still shell out for holiday albums." That's so 20th century!

Now, you didn't forget to put "Santa Got Run Over by a Reindeer" on your gift CDs, did you, Ms. Krinke?

Outstanding Teen 2007
-- Jordan Krinke. Please say you didn't steal that Xmas music!


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