Friday, May 18, 2007

THEY CALL HIM MR. DANGER! Danger, dammit, danger!

That which is repeated too often becomes insipid and tedious. -- someone you don't know

Often your friendly neighborhood GlobalSecurity.Org Senior Fellow runs across material that's just laugh-out loud funny -- but not for the right reasons -- if you're familiar with the cult/business of fearmongers/anti-terror consultants in the US.

Today, we pay a visit to Stephen Flynn's bookpage at the Council on Foreign Relations. Flynn is Mr. Danger. Never straying from the task, it is his function to think the unthinkable, imagining Old Testament-style Biblical disasters, along with the ten or twenty thousand or so other Mr. and Mrs. Dangers who do exactly the same thing, for the sake of the global war on terror.

Hey, what if the dikes in California break?! Aggghhhh-blub-blub!

Just of think of how awful it would be if a liquid natural gas tanker blew up in port! Diii-eeeeee!

"As a part of its ongoing Face It: We Are Probably All Going To Die or at the Very Least, Suffer Immeasurably Series, [a seminar] kicks off the week with a visit from Stephen Flynn, author of The Edge of Disaster, which, apparently, we are teetering on (cf. “all going to die,” “suffer immeasurably”)," one reads from a Gawker Media property, DCist, on a recent Mr. Danger book.

Mr. Danger's first book, in case you missed it as you did with The Edge of Disaster, was engrossingly entitled, America the Vulnerable.

A jaw-dropping Mr. Danger essay on the funpage is called Disturbing Lack of Attention Paid to America's Security Vulnerabilities.

"Stephen R. Flynn cautions that America is still unprepared for the worst," says the page. "By tackling head-on, eyes open [to] the perils that lie before us, we can remain true to our most important and endearing national trait: our sense of optimism about the future and our conviction that we can change it for the better for ourselves—and our children."

Mr. Danger's books are ringingly endorsed by ex-state governors and FEMA functionaries, perhaps guaranteeing they will at least sell to, if not actually be read at, libraries in state capitols.

“The must-read book for every American,” declares an ex-governor of Virginia. "We can only hope policy-makers are listening," adds an ex-governor of New Jersey. "A great book that I highly recommend,” writes Michiko Kakutani a former FEMA functionary.

Mr. Danger funpage.


Blogger J. said...

Oh come on, you're just jealous because he has such a great head shot in his profile. I have to admit to the same pessicism that you do as to disaster consultants, but having read his exerpt, doesn't he have a point? Should we not at the least have more attention paid to planning and preparedness rather than response and recovery? Or at least an examination of the risk management aspects of said scenarios? In the bioterrorist scenarios, any type of study would be preferable to spending billions of dollars on vaccine development that will probably never be used.

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