Wednesday, May 09, 2007

GROUNDHOG DAY: 'Expert' dings chemical attack alarm bell

"The U.S. Naval Research Lab estimated that, depending on weather conditions and time of day, a rupture of a tanker car containing chlorine in the Washington, D.C., area could kill 100,000 people in half an hour," writes some person at the Hudson Institute, a think tank where they may not realize "thinking the unthinkable" doesn't have the same novelty it used to. (Homeland Security Authorities Fear Chemical Terrorism in US is the title.)

"Other experts anticipate that a 90-ton release of liquid chlorine from the Kuehne Chemical Corporation in New Jersey could kill 12 million people."

Right away one goes from zero deaths attributed to actual chlorine exposure in Iraq at the hands of terrorists trying to use it, to 12 megadeaths in the US.

Near the end, the Hudson expert hangs himself with an innocuous graf.

"At the local level, many communities are seeking to reduce their use of chlorine and instead employ safer chemicals for disinfecting water, manufacturing products, and other purposes," he writes.

This is nonsense. Not happening, folks. Pure figments of imagination and nice-sounding eyewash. There aren't any practical substitutes for the mass usage of chlorine in modern society.

"Although these alternatives are generally more expensive than chlorine, the attacks in Iraq have appropriately persuaded many localities of the imperative of reducing U.S. vulnerability to chemical terrorism."

Yeah, sure buddy. Next time, read this slowly, why dontcha?

Chlorine revisited.


Blogger J. said...

VERY nice, sir. I will have to link your post into my blog, especially the part about product uses of chlorine other than water treatment. I should have known that, but it's not exactly "news" outside of the chemical manufacturers' association. Such stupid fear-mongering.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous CBH said...

How many of those proposing "alternative" chemicals have financial interest in doing so? That would make a fun story.

11:03 AM  

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