Tuesday, May 08, 2007

IT'S ORGANIC: Melamine, that is, and fish like it, too!

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns at food conference on Monday.

Don't read this. Quick, click away! It's boring and troublesome! No one wants to read about poisoned food from China everyday and web stats prove it!

"Melamine, a chemical found in plastics and pesticides and not approved for use in pet or human in the U.S." has now been found in fish feed, according to a breaking story on AP.

Well, why not?

However, federal officials again reassure with the saying of the day, paraphrased: "It's probably so low it can't hurt anyone."

Will that fish be discounted? Tossed in a landfill?

No, that would be a waste of money. Once it's in the food supply chain, it's here to stay. It will be ground up for meal and --- hmmm -- well, someone will get it. Farm animals, pets, maybe those cheap fish paste fake crab products in the iced case of the supermarket. It's just a little and to toss it away would be an awful waste of money.

Before leaving, GlobalSecurity.Org Senior Fellow directs you to read the FDA's brightly written page on counter-terrorism and protecting food.

"The Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is working with other federal agencies to help the country prepare for a biological emergency, natural disaster or terrorist attack by making sure there is a safe and adequate supply of animal drug products and a safe animal feed supply system," writes someone from the FDA.

"Current CVM activities that ensure safe food and drugs: monitoring animal feeds to ensure the safety of the animals which receive them; the public who consume the food products derived from those animals; and the environment."

Oops! Missed the melamine until it was too late. That's OK. Everyone knows, Protectors-of-our-Food men, that it's unfair to condemn an entire program for just a couple slip-ups.

Associated Press original.


Definition of melamine, an organic compound: "Melamine is an organic compound that is often combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin ... " It's organic, see!


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