Wednesday, May 09, 2007

IT'S ORGANIC! EAT ZINC! Not just in plant protein extenders -- wheat flour, too

Don't read this! It's another boring entry about contaminated food. It's not a security issue. Arresting those clueless losers who yakked for 16 months about attacking Ft. Dix, now that's a security story!

"The tainted Chinese ingredient that was incorporated into U.S. pet food and later made its way into chicken and pig feed was neither wheat gluten nor rice protein as advertised, but was seriously contaminated wheat flour, government investigators said yesterday," reported someone at the WaPost.

"The finding adds a new layer of fraud to an already seamy tale of international deception."

You don't say!

Here's the pattern. An indeterminate number of Chinese businesses run qualitative and quantitative chem labs of dirty tricks.

Their function?

Figure out what cheap-ass but not too toxic chemical can be spiked into feeds and foods to be exported, in order to make them seem better than they are and inflate profits.

They caught people napping. They only thing that did the strategy in was greed and stupidity. The FDA was overmanned and its regimens all figured out. But they didn't count on pets dieing from tainted formulations.

What's the big gorilla in the room the US press is ignoring?!

It's a security issue!

It's not just bad business by the unscrupulous. Everyone has a right not to expect their food to be contaminated with materials that are toxic -- but not so toxic they can't be used to fraudulently inflate nutritional values.

Hiring more people at the FDA and the USDA won't fix this. It's not an inspection problem.

It's an import problem!

When one is willing to accept any good or foodstuff from anywhere, just because it's cheaper and superficially appears to be good business, there won't ever be enough people to inspect all of it. Ever.

For the past three years, government officials have yelled and pestered the mainstream media, and by extension -- the citizenry -- about how Osama bin Laden could poison food. Oh how easy it would be, they yelled! Just download some document from the web, brew up some exotic poison, and do it!

"Al-Qaeda has studied U.S. agriculture, which is in need of defense, FBI deputy director John Pistole told about 900 people gathered at the Westin Crown Center . . . 'I believe that the terrorist threat is changing and even adapting — but so are we,' Pistole said here.

Then reality showed up. It wasn't about terrorism. It's about money. And Osama bin Laden and his minions aren't anywhere close to it. They don't have the savvy. They don't have the infrastructure. And they don't have the manpower.

Your GlobalSecurity.Org Senior Fellow watched the evening news.

What got more air time? Melamine in tons of stuff, distributed all over the country and throughout the food supply chain, or a half dozen losers who relished yakking about how they would attack the Army-Navy game, a group the FBI had infiltrated for SIXTEEN months before arresting them?

It's not a trick question.

Remember! Pay no mind to this! It's boring!

WaPost thing.


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