Friday, February 23, 2007

TORTURE! Better Jack Bauer than George W. Bush's goons

Today, at el Reg, DD discusses his experience with the fruits of torture with recent mass media protests over "24's" love of the same.

DD has no trouble with "24." "24" is silly and so is Jack Bauer. Back in December, I clapped my hands when Star Trek: Deep Space 9's Dr. Bashir showed up as a villain.

Cancelled doctors must know how to torture and Bashir did not disappoint. He tortured a former comrade really great, cracking him for the information in seconds. Then he killed the guy.

Jack Bauer, who had eased up on torturing the same man, said to Dr. Bashir that he didn't know if he could do such deeds well anymore. And Dr. Bashir looked at Jack, smiled a little and said, "It'll come back to you."

Anyway, "24" plods along week to week, a soap opera of terror porn, easy to follow, not even remotely real, easier to digest than current events. It's a lot easier to watch than Ghosts of Abu Ghraib or Iraq for Sale, any documentary starring John Yoo, Janis Karpinski and miscellaneous pieces of white trash from the country's jobless underbelly explaining how and why they did what they did.

And that is, I reckon, why many like "24," not so much because watchers think Jack Bauer is the real thing in the war on terror and we should have more like him, but because we can't bear to know the real thing.

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