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While significant portions of America are losing retirement savings to staving off homelessness after mass firing, Handcuff USA is the one segment of the economy with Depression-proof growth. (But no growth for this sad sack who worked in security. Sadly, his security employment was not the right kind of security industry employment -- federal barriers, detentions and prisons.)

If you are looking for a job, prospects are good for those who can handcuff, search, detain and jail. And because more and more of this type of work is needed for application to non-criminals, expansion will be strong.

In today's Los Angeles Times, the opinion pages touch upon a few discouraging and bleak encouraging statistics, numbers which DD will augment with additional information in the days ahead.

"[Immigration and Customs Enforcement] arrested 96,000 illegal immigrants from 2003 to 2008," reads the opinion piece. "The number, although large, wasn't surprising."

"What does raise eyebrows, though, was that almost three-quarters of those arrested ... did not have criminal records. In other words, the agency, brawny with hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding and a [whopping] 1300 percent increase in staffing, was nabbing lots of waiters and car-washers, whose only crime beyond their illegal entry was to have ignored a deportation order. Not exactly high security threats."

If readers have followed DD's reviews of the ABC network's reality show -- Homeland Security USA -- they know what to watch for a weekly demonstration.

Detention USA doesn't find terrorists or visibly show much of what might make Americans safer. It does, however, illuminate a machine-like process: The detaining of a lot of people who can't speak English -- almost always weaker, smaller and browner -- than we are. And there is a deep, deep reserve of them to be handcuffed, detained, sometimes jailed or fast-track deported. There are so many of them, there are thought to be 11 million illegal immigrants in the US, that any job in homeland security, border patrol, prisons, or immigration and customs will be a secure one, no matter how deep and wide the depression.

Since the trend has been to expand applications of Handcuff USA to non-criminals in all segments of society, the disasters from the financial sector will also aid growth. It can probably be inferred with reasonable certainty that those without income will find themselves in circumstances putting them in contact with Handcuff USA much more often than those who haven't yet been mass fired.


Predator state security

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