Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The key line in the above photocopy: "More than 200 hundred girls schools in Swat were burned down or bombed in the last year."

On Sunday, DD invited readers to follow the senseless game of Boom! It's the robotic contest of death from above, one which accomplishes nothing visible except to enlarge the profits of General Atomics, a company bankrolled entirely by the US taxpayer. Its CEO's motto, a priceless nugget, one to include in any inspirational business management book on how to make friends and influence people: "The bottom line is using science and technology to improve the human condition . . ."

The human condition has been improved so much through science and technology in Pakistan.

Boom! Pakistan lets nuclear proliferator AQ Khan go free. Boom! No Predators were directed to AQ Khan's house, an easy target. Boom! Two hundred girl schools are burned down in Pakistan because Predators have done such a great job against the Taliban.

Now, let me be clear. DD considers Pakistan to be nothing but an overstuffed bag of dicks. There aren't many choices when it comes to that country. When it comes to dealing with it, you can only make a very bad decision or an even worse one, if you're the American president.

Pakistan's not fixable. It's the pits, one of the worst places on the planet. Worldwide polls show everyone believes this to be true. People who live there must be either stuck with no options or the stuff inside the dick bag.

However, unless you're mental, there's no avoiding the obvious: Using robots to randomly blow them up just doesn't work as well as the Taliban. Two hundred burned down girl schools is an unassailable and impeaching number. Geopolitical game over! Uncle Sam, even if he's flying around overhead, has been run off the court. Improving the world through science and technology, one explosion at a time, has let us down.

So it's time to practice like a good doctor. Do no more harm.

General Atomics received $924 million in federal contracts last year. That's almost three times what the Bush administration and Congress gave to the FDA mid-year 2008 to improve food safety. (It's about half of the entire FDA budget.) And then we got poisoned peanut butter.

The United States is fundamentally broken on many levels. This is one example. We live in a country that, if it were an equation, wouldn't balance. If you tried to pass it off on the blackboard, your professor would give you an F.

A nation that spends more money on a company that make things to incinerate handfuls of people on the other side of the globe (even if some of them are bad) than it spent to improve food safety is a country that has failed. Period.

Whether the administration of Barack Obama can fix it is an open question.

PS: Remember, tonight's the night for another episode of Holding Cell Homeland Security USA!


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