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"I think extensions of McCain-Feingold, extensions of -- if there are some political speeches that is OK and other speeches isn't, and it's the government that gets to decide which is which. So, if we start seeing as we've seen stimulus czars, regulatory czars, if we start seeing speech czars, we're down the road to a real dictatorship."

It's hard to surprise DD when it comes paranoid fearmongering in the US. However, Fox News has taken a run at it courtesy of Glenn Beck.

Beck's Friday show was devoted to the outside-the-box thinking of a bunch of nuts white guys now on the fringes of society (Gerald Celente, Tim Strong, Stephen Moore, Michael Scheuer, Ben Sherwood and someone named Thor. Really.)

For lack of a better term, call them Turner Heevahavas. The first part of the name is taken straight from the pre-eminent piece of hate conspiracy lit written in the US, "The Turner Diaries." In case you're unfamiliar with it, it's a feverish book on the catastrophic collapse of the United States, allegedly brought about by Jews, socialists, liberals, blacks and college professors. Christian white identity freedom fighters band together to fight the government, hang everyone on their enemies list, and destroy all tyranny with atomic bombs.

Put a nicer face on it and the tone, conspiracy thought and attitude of the Turner Diaries is now found in elements of the minority GOP right. More generally, one can find it daily on blogs of the ilk of the Southeast Pennsy Biblical Neo-Nazi. (Yes, my description is a joke. But not, as it increasingly turns out, a riotously funny one.)

However, "Faith and Survival -- Surviving the Unthinkable" was the title of Beck's show. Upon viewing the transcript, what any type of faith had to do with it is hard to fathom.

Having read this, already you're thinking, "Buy gold!" This is because US money is assumed to be about to fail by the catastrophists, a very Turner-esque line of thinking. It's now backed up by incessant television and newspaper ads to purchase as much of the precious metal as you can, or sell all the old jewelry you have, now. Before everything you have turns worthless and the poor are marching on your communities to take away your stuff, white people.

So, imagine it's five years from now.

"All the U.S. banks have been nationalized," posited Beck. "Unemployment is about between 12 percent and 20 percent. Dow is trading at 2,800. The real estate market has collapsed. Government and unions control most of the business, and America's credit rating has been downgraded."

You see where this going. Minorities will come for your stuff, white people.

"New York City looks like Mexico City," predicts some buffoon from an organization called the Trends Research Institute. "If you have money or they think you're going to have money, you're going to be a target for a kidnapping. We're going to see major cities look like Calcutta. There is going to be the homeless, panhandlers, hookers."

"Well, we allowed government to run away with itself," says someone from the Wall Street Journal. "We became consumed by debt, runaway government spending, credit rating that's just been crushed by the overwhelming amount of debt and taxation. And, you know, when you asked me about this doomsday scenario, you don't have to think about these wild thoughts. We've seen this happened to other countries. We've seen this happened to Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Russia, all consumed by government, all do-gooders ... "

Forgot to add the Weimar Republic.

Soon, there's someone you've never heard of from a think tank no one calls upon called the Ayn Rand Institute, imagining the suspension of free speech. Because the US will become a dictatorship and forbid people from speaking truth, like on Fox News.

Beck asks, "What -- tell me what life is like for the average person ... do we have the neighborhoods we're living in? Are we still living in our homes?"

No, of course not. The poor and bad have come to roam the land and seize your stuff. So the rich live in fortresses and the desperate are out in force.

And so, the "Bubba effect," comes into play. This reads like another much gentler and modern term for the manly salt-o-the-earth type survivalist militia-style heroes in "The Turner Diaries," although DD has his doubts whether Beck or any of his panelists have actually read the book.

"[The Bubba's will] be very conscious of who enters their own community and it's almost going to be a commune-based society, but they won't project that based on the fact that they want to project normalcy ..." says Tim Strong, a retired Army man.

The Bubba's will defend their communities and "[you] are not going to look like a bubba."

After awhile, the transcript escalates to a discussion of taxation and how white people -- Bubba's -- revolt.

"They know the Constitution," says Beck. "They know the writings of the founders, and they feel that the government, or they will in this scenario, and I think we're on this road - the government has betrayed the Constitution. And so they will see themselves as people who are standing up for the Constitution."

Long story short. Civil war. Bubba's against the tyrannical socialist government. Mostly like in "The Turner Diaries."

"If you believe this country was founded on divine providence like our founders did, you believe that freedom was important enough that God got personally involved," goes Beck near the end. "That's why this country was set up in a very specific way. Our rights and our liberties - they come to us from God, and then we lend them for protection to the government ... But if you believe in those ideals, it would make sense, at least to me, that God would give us some sort of an early warning system."

"But what I do know is what we did here tonight isn't crazy and you're not crazy to ponder [these possibilities]."

Well, yes, Glenn Beck and his panelists were bug nuts. And it's hard to imagine such a show as his running anywhere except on Fox, a network one can depend on not only to stand up for free speech but to fight against the dimming of the light as well as the minorities, parasites, homos, socialists, liberals and president who want nothing but to overturn the American way of life.

Glenn Greenwald on same.


Blogger Firestarter5 said...

I thought I read somewhere that Beck was a 'recovered' alcoholic? Clearly, this was written in haste.
The guy has crazy running through his veins.

Why don't the likes of Beck and Limbaugh and Hannity just come out and say it on their respective national airwaves...yes, we ramble on about what he might do, but the real reason we don't like Obama is because he's black, and not like us.

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