Monday, March 23, 2009


A story about the Department of Homeland Security requiring mule-drivers along the Delaware River to have biometric security cards, called TWICs, is here. The story went nationwide when reporters got wind of Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) haranguing Janet Napolitano on the issue at a Homeland Security Committee meeting. Generally, the Dept. of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration blow off everyone with complaints. And they apparently did so when first approached by Dent, forcing him to buttonhole Napolitano, confronting her with the potential for public mockery.

"After [being] last month, Dent raised the issue at a Homeland Security Committee hearing ... He showed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a photo of the canal boat in action and personally vouched for the mules [named Hank and George]," reported the Morning Call newspaper.

"Now, Hank and George, while [they] sometimes are ornery, they are not terrorists," said Dent, according to a Congressional transcript.

"Obviously, this is a picture designed to say, 'Isn't this absurd that they be required to have TWIC cards,'" responded Napolitano who promised to work with the small company which uses mules to tow tourist barges.

"The credentials would cost about $100 for each of the canal boat ride's four to five seasonal operators," added the newspaper. The business is a non-profit.

The Los Angeles Times ran a frontpage story on Sunday echoing the item and adding that a part-time ferry crew on the Tred Avon River off the Chesapeake Bay had also been harassed into obtaining TWIC cards.

"Oxford [MD] is not an area where we expect to see much in the way of terrorism," the ferry's owner told the Los Angeles newspaper.

Predator state security includes harassing people in places which will never be nexuses of terrorism. It always requires additional papers and fees collected to finance the companies which make ID cards for Homeland Security, items meaninglessly certifying one against databases of alleged terrorists, criminals and people the government deems suspicious or inappropriate.

Pointless and vexing security measures:

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