Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday's terrorist, still at large. Mr. President,
we've good intel this man is responsible for killing Americans
and want to launch a Predator drone strike ... (pause, sound
of shuffling papers) ... Oops, sorry, wrong briefing. Never

The next item is worth note because it's a natural consequence of a media that always needs to manufacture some sham of "balance" even if it takes a wild swing-and-miss at reality. There will be news stories and opinion pieces showing Stewart Parnell of Peanut Corp. as a good fellow, a pillar of the local community, perhaps a Rotarian or member of the Lion's Club. After all, he was a job provider. And he played a good game of football in high school. Could we find out if he had pets, maybe a beloved dog rescued from the pound?

From a local-to-Lynchburg, VA, news agency, seemingly derived from a local branch of the Associated Press, the following, which is brief enough to make one laugh:
"Friends and clients close to Peanut Corp. of America's chief executive say he's not a monster, just a person who has made mistakes.

"Stewart Parnell is telling those same friends and clients not to call, not to visit, not to do anything that might link them to the firestorm he's facing over the national national salmonella outbreak.

"Former neighbor and longtime friend Mark Borel says Parnell has always been a pillar of the Lynchburg community, upstanding and generous. Neighbor Nancy Weaver says Parnell is 'an amazing person.' Weaver says he's just being maligned and misunderstood.

"Michael Smith is purchasing manager for Stapleton-Spence Packing Co. in Gridley, California. Smith has bought peanuts from Parnell for years and describes him as 'one of the nicest guys in the world.' "

How many just misunderstood nice guys can you think of who know that salmonellosis is a serious disease and it's in their production run and who still make sure it gets out to the rest of the country? Not a trick question. Seriously.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Jerry Curlan is nice...
He's sensitive, has lots of friends in Washington."

"Jerry has a future,
is sensitive
and likes meeting people!"

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