Friday, January 09, 2009

SOME GOONS DRIVE INTO YOUR LIVING ROOM IN A TRUCK: And convince that CEO's at Dodge need to be hung from the nearest poles

Touching on yesterday's post on predator state 'security,' readers who saw any games in the BCS bowl series couldn't have missed the endless commercials for the hemi-loaded Dodge Ram truck.

The loudest and most frequent was one in which a number of stupidly boisterous creeps in T-shirts yelled about stomping on the gas and hearing the engine roar.

"Boom!" exults one of these fatheads. "Broom! Broom! BROOM!" went the speakers on the TV as the engine of the truck was amplified. The head throbbed with it.

During one game, the commercial came at you almost every five minutes, whenever there was a timeout, injury or official review giving Fox an opportunity to go to breaks.

If there is any proof more antagonizingly in-your-face and indicative of denial and bankruptcy of leadership in Detroit, DD can't think of it.

Chrysler's sales are down 30 percent. And the economy is tanked.

So when a tremendous number of people are watching bowl games, what does the auto company do?

Pay for nausea-provoking ads for a supersized pickup truck, driven by a bunch of mealy-mouthed steroidal fools (where did they find these people, Goon & Douchebag Central Casting, Inc?) overjoyed that when one floors the gas pedal, the vehicle goes BROOM!

Buy something big and really loud that costs more than you'll earn this year and sucks the money right out of your plastic fuel card when you floor it! You'll see the gas gauge move on this baby, lemme tell ya! Twenty MPG is real fuel efficiency! And it has a toolbox compartment big enough to stow two dead bodies or three illegal immigrants!

These are the sales messages of imbeciles.

"Boom!" rejoices an asshat as Detroit struggles for its life.

Goon & Douchebag Central Casting

Even an auto columnist finds these commercials make him queasy.


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