Tuesday, January 06, 2009

MOBY DICK SAMBA: More from Pandora's box

Shared today is "Moby Dick Samba" -- a quick instrumental put together using the Korg Pandora PX5 and its distributed control software. The screen is a snap of the editor's interface which controls the Pandora through a USB connection. It's a feature that sets the PX5D apart from previous Pandora's, only programmable from the buttons on their cases.

The same editing software allows one to program the Pandora's drum loops.

For this number, your host picked a few Latin beats sequences, accented by a few power rock drum and guitar stabs for the tune's bridge.

The piece is done on four tracks inside Ableton Live 6 -- Korg Edition, a crippled version of the sequencing and recording software provided with the Pandora. It's sufficient for composing but mildly annoying in that it's primary purpose is as a sales tool aimed at getting the user to part with a few hundred dollars more for the uncrippled version.

The PX5D is a remarkable piece of kit. The only flaw over the past few weeks came in the installation which cocked up the mounting of the software drivers used to control the Pandora -- which acts as an external soundcard -- when connected to a USB port. Manually installing the drivers worked much better and instructions for doing so were included with the device.

Guitars were a Gretsch Electromatic bass and Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II. The Ultra II has an added pick-up in its fingerboard meant to equip the instrument with an acoustical quality. And it works rather well, furnishing a glistening sound alongside the guitar's traditional Les Paul meat 'n' potatoes rock tone. DD used it to double the guitar line. At the end of the tune, there's a segue from the Les Paul's saturated arena tone to an acoustically strummed final chord, done by merely twisting one of the instrument's volume knobs. What a nice guitar!

Moby Dick Samba Note: Approximately 5 Mb. hosted offsite because the usual no-frills corporate server was inexplicably munching MP3's today

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