Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PC ADMIRAL: How badly could you mess up the Royal Navy?

Today, two screenshots from Jutland, a PC game on the battle of the same name, published by Storm Eagle Studios. Available only on-line, it's a 609 Megabyte download which works as a crippled trial demo until you pony up the cash for one of two unlocked versions.

Surprisingly, the game has been bug free.

As a monster wargame, that's in stark contrast with Lock On: Modern Air Combat, the game under scrutiny the last time I touched this subject. Out of the box, Lock On was a nightmare, a game with a steep learning curve, requiring multiple downloaded patches to make stable.

Jutland is at the opposite end of the spectrum. While it is complex and sprawling, it is not daunting or difficult to jump right in to game play.

DD has little idea how big the market in the US is for Jutland. Relatively speaking, virtually no one in this country is familiar with the biggest battleship naval engagement in history -- the Grand Fleet vs. the German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea in 1916.

Because no one would want to play Jutland for long if it were JUST THAT MONSTER BATTLE, it is wisely furnished with an editor enabling you to enact much smaller engagements.

From the Beef Trip, a convoy escort engagement at night off the hook of Holland. A German destroyer unsuccessfully attempting to ram the Harwich Force's Laverock.

From the Swiss Cheese Defense, a homemade pre-dawn small forces battle in the English Channel. A battered German destroyer limps away from the action.


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