Thursday, August 28, 2008

OBAMA'S PRIMARY TASK -- RECAPTURE THE LOST CLOSET BIGOT VOTE: Butthurt white still not impressed by Dem

Butthurt? Who's butt hurts? I dunno what that means.

Change has never been more evident at the American political convention, as the color and gender of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton clearly show. Yet the most critical task ahead for the Democrats has not changed since the historic turns of the Johnson years: Get back the approval of white working-class bigots.

When the Great Society installed civil rights, the Dems lost much of the white working-class.

Barack Obama must emphasize the obvious appeal of his next-generation approach to the challenges of a new century. But he must also remember that Reagan Democrats will be the hinge of history. Angry and disgusted with limp-wristed Jimmy Carter, the white union men and their spouses voted in the profoundly anti-union Reagan.

Journalists and political scientists dissect this fickle but supremely important group. Yet for Obama — and for John McCain, too — the lunch-bucket butthurt bigot is a pivotal constituency that often votes for Democrats who behave like Republicans for Congress but dependably say "No!" to Democrat presidential candidates who act like themselves.

Since 1960, no dandy-fied northern Democrat has won the presidency; no Democrat associated with liberal and culturally corrupt elite values has scaled the mountain. Republicans have been masterful at appealing to white lunch-pailers. They've perfected a process in which the butthurt have been persuaded that voting for tax cuts for wealthy business kings at their expense is the right thing to do.

The dandy-fied Democrat is now seen as pro women's reproductive rights and against adoption of a national religion. He is insufficiently white, has homos for friends, uses too many big words, looks good in an expensive suit, enjoys visiting San Francisco and the rest of California, is a celebrity fop and employs too many big words. The effete Democrat might not have the stomach to ignite a thermonuclear war with the resurgent Russian bear and refuses to limit his answers to complex problems to fifteen seconds. He is a pantywaist on defense and can probably speak French.

This is a virtually insurmountable image problem.

Reshaping one's image into respectability and recapturing these lost and butthurt voters must be Barack Obama's foremost task. Everything else is secondary to their needs. The rally for 80,000 non-butthurt at Invesco stadium must be cancelled.
It will only pour gasoline on the smoldering fire of the alienated white working-class.

Large swaths of small-town Ohio, Pennsylvania and Missouri cast barely any votes for Barack Obama in the primary. And Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus said Obama's appeal to working-class whites may be toughest not because of his race but because he comes across as too perfect.

Quoting Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, Marcus wrote, "With people who have a lot of gifts, it's hard for people to identify with them ... Barack Obama is handsome. He's bright. He's incredibly well spoken, and he's incredibly successful — not exactly the easiest guy in the world to identify with. This makes many feel poor about themselves. There is a natural resentment of someone who has done well and who is smart enough to run the country. This is a poor contrast with the Republican leaders of the last eight years. Their garments are rich but they look bad in them. They lack eloquence, frequently spout rubbish when not tongue-tied, and everything they've done has been 100 percent shitty. People can identify with that because their lives -- replete with alcoholism, downward mobility, bills piling up under the mail slot, failing marriages, homes swept away by nature, insufficiently grateful children and grandkids -- are pretty good examples of total shit, too."

"Shitty is good."

The unflappable Obama needs to get flapped or he'll never make it with this voting bloc. He needs to give these voters a shot at some SchadenFreude. Only then will the sun on the dunghill shine.

No apologies to this guy and the Minneapolis Post.


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