Thursday, January 10, 2008


"A former roommate's claim that a Navy sailor charged with disclosing the location of Navy ships to terrorism supporters also plotted to attack military personnel cannot be introduced at his trial, a federal judge ruled Friday," reported Newsday recently.

"Hassan Abu-Jihaad, 31, of Phoenix, pleaded not guilty in April to charges he provided material support to terrorists with intent to kill U.S. citizens and disclosed classified information relating to national defense.

"U.S. District Court Judge Mark Kravitz said he would not allow Shareef's statements to a government informant to be admitted as evidence because they were uncorroborated ... 'I just don't see anything here outside of Mr. Shareef's own statements,' Kravitz said. 'I just don't see any independent evidence.'"

DD, writing at the Reg at the beginning of the year, made available the US government's transcript of surveillance tapes covering Hassan Abu-jihaad and conversations between Derrick Shareef, now regarded as a rambling fool, and FBI informant William Chrisman.

Shareef pled guilty on a charge that he wished to be involved in a plan to throw hand grenades at a shopping maill, a case that which be viewed considering Shareef's obvious lack of mental acuity, as one of entrapment. Shareef never had access to weapons.

Perusal of the surveillance excerpts -- archived here -- indicate the FBI has tape of Abu-jihaad repeatedly calling Derrick Shareef a liar and an idiot who exaggerated the former's activities to give the impression he was a big deal to the FBI's informant, William Chrisman.

In court documents filed in December, Abu-jihaad's defense argued:

"It is safe to assume that the government has probably used every investigative tool available to it in an effort to build a case against the defendant. The end result of the investigation... is the same set of email communications which the defendant sent to Azzam Publications in 2001 and which the government has known about since early 2004, and the uncorroborated hearsay ramblings of Derrick Shareef uttered in 2006 regarding some half-baked notion to attack military installations. There is absolutely no evidence of Mr. Abu-Jihaad's involvement with any 'foreign power' beyond the email communications sent to Azzam Publications in 2001, there is no credible evidence of Mr. Abu-Jihaad's involvement in any ongoing conspiracy in 2006 and Mr. Abu-Jihaad himself has been in custody since March 2007."

The charges against Abu-jihaad stem from e-mails he made to Azzam Publications in England in 2001 while he was serving on the USN Burke-class destroyer, Benfold. That part of the story and the evidence against Abu-jihaad are discussed at the Reg here. It includes e-mails from Abu-jihaad briefly discussing the transit of his battle group through the Strait of Hormuz, which could be evaluated as sensitive information, and general details -- unclassified -- about his ship group.

The US government has been hot for the ex-Navy signalman since finding his e-mails and purchase orders for Chechen jihadi videos from Azzam in 2004, at which time the defendant was no longer in the military, having served and been honorably discharged.

Since then the government has massaged the Abu-jihaad case in the mainstream press, leaking documents and seemingly giving the greenlight to anonymous sources connected with his prosecution to talk to the press.

Abu-jihaad defense files motion to disclose government FISA orders in terror case.

FBI informant in Abu-jihaad case.

US nurses Abu-jihaad prosecution in mainstream press.


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