Friday, August 03, 2007

GEORGE BRIGMAN'S BLOWIN' SMOKE: Classic uncompensated American recluse-genius

The undeniable cool of electric guitar, 30 years on.

Every now and then DD gets to write about something I unreservedly think is good in pop music.

In this case, read liner notes for George Brigman's original "Blowin' Smoke" 45, once lost and now found original vinyl pressings released in autographed sleeves made especially for the occasion. Brigman is a rock guitar music man whose unique style and muscular artistry touch everything I've found inspirational within the genre.

Practically speaking, you can't wax enthusiastically on something which specificially tickles your fancy within the pages of general readership newspapers or even trade music publications.

Although you'll find some entertainment writers who deny it, they're liars and fudgers. Music journalism fits only two categories: (1) "Who do we suck up to this week on the schedule of major label CD releases?" and; (2) "Who do we suck up to this week on the schedule of independent CD releases for some self-absorbed and to-be-babied niche audience?"

George Brigman, like most people, doesn't fit either. I see this as a virtue.

Record release party today.

George Brigman website.

George Brigman's 'Rags in Skull' CD -- from the archive, April 2007.


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