Friday, July 27, 2007

THE TERRORIZERS: In competition with al Qaeda

Read this blog once a week and you'll always see one or two entries on how the mainstream media, the government and an assortment of terror industry experts have misrepresented or lied outright about something from the alleged war on terror.

The enemy is always plotting, capable of anything and disasters are around the corner. We escape it by the skin of our teeth. It won't happen the next time. Barely any reality is allowed.

By observation in Pasadena, the war on terror isn't anything my townsmen concern themselves over. Here, George W. Bush's war on terror doesn't exist. One can read about Michael Chertoff coming to the port of Los Angeles to christen a radiation detection device that doesn't work and hear some expert roped in from USC or RAND to say that the nation would be brought to its knees if attacked there.

Notice I wrote: "One can read."

I think most decline the offer.

Part of the laissez faire comes from the cant of terror news, delivered non-stop since 9/11. Call it burnout or perhaps something better -- an unstated realization that a lot of it must be and is horseshit delivered to gin up fear, sell newspapers, increase viewers, push your political belief that Democrats are traitors and George W. Bush is the greatest military leader of all time, etc.

Over at the Register, Thomas C. Greene, writing from Dublin, has developed a good set of essays expressing his strong dissatisfaction.

"Since 9/11, I've needed to keep a supply of sick bags handy at all times," writes Greene. "The fear mongering related to Islamic terrorists has now reached the level of terrorism itself. Wild exaggeration is the norm: every incident is a potential catastrophe; every wannabe clown is a battle-hardened jihadi; al Qaeda is everywhere and stronger than ever; Osama is ready to pounce at any moment.

"What do we call people who sow fear, hoping to intimidate the public with threats of violence to advance their own interests? What's the word I'm looking for?

"Yes, that's right; we call them terrorists. The Bush Administration certainly qualifies as a terrorist organisation: it has played the fear card for political advantage so many times, it's virtually impossible to cite an instance when they didn't exaggerate the threats facing Americans today.

"But what about organisations with an economic rather than a political motive? News organisations want to sell papers and attract viewers - and fear sells."

You'll not want to miss the rest of "I party with terrorists."

Last summer, TIME magazine and 60 Minutes terror infotained you with the scary story of al Qaeda's Mubtakkar of Death. Government men were said to be messing their pants over the danger. Why didn't you mess yours?


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