Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BOOK REVIEW -- LEGACY OF ASHES: Incapable of hiring the right people and almost always wrong, the CIA's reputation, as its history, is ruins

"I predict ... CIA will be freshly stuffed with Cheney cronies & Mossad boys," writes an anonymous Brit at The Register. He was commenting on DD's review of "Legacy of Ashes," Tim Weiner's sweeping history of the Central Intelligence Agency.

"They will build a fake case against Iran. USA will invade Iran. It will be yet another disaster."

Whether or not this prophesy is fulfilled, its tenor does illustrate an unpleasant fact: No one on the entire planet, unless they're bereft of common sense, believes what the CIA has to say.

Having sold its integrity out many times for political reasons, most notably and recently for the disaster that is the war in Iraq, the agency's reputation is decisively crushed.

"Legacy of Ashes" shows readers how and why this happened as it takes readers on a journey from the inception of the agency right up to the present.

Read the entirety here.

Your friendly correspondent once had a dalliance with the Central Intelligence Agency. I wrote about it in 1992 while working for a city newspaper. You can read it here.


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