Friday, January 12, 2007


Imagine DD's surprise upon reading morning news reports of the Director of National Intelligence muttering about Pakistan being a haven for al Qaeda!

But in George W. Bush's administration, up is down, right is left and dumb and obvious are the newastutes, the intelligence-insulting alleged intelligence man given respect and an audience.

Iraq is the central front in the war on terror -- remember 9/11 -- even though the man who didn't launch a sneak attack on America has had his neck stretched.

No, there are no inklings in the press of any American military leader, appointed by the Bush administration to prosecute this war saying, "Where the FUCK is Osama bin Laden and what are you doing about him?!"

Instead, the president tediously lectures the polity about how victory in the war on terror won't be signified by treaty-signing on a big battleship.

The logical might say America might easily have a Killing of Bin Laden Victory Day, like it had a V-E and V-J day. Extricating the military from Iraq and thinking about getting Osama bin Laden, after all, are easily graspable concepts, unlike the one which involves sending penny-packets of the US military to go house to house in hostile Baghdad neighborhoods, kicking down doors, taking a census on who is a bad guy and who is not.

Bad guys step to the right and we'll swipe a tissue over your hand that tells us you fired a gun or handled an explosive, never mind if the test stinks or the whole country has explosive residues hanging in the air.

In any case, Osama bin Laden no, sending a Spectre gunship to Somalia to hose down worthless real estate with cannon fire, yes! Ally with worthless and contemptible proxy army, again. Send a carrier battle group, along with the "guided missile cruiser, Anzio," according to today's LA Times, to sink the mighty al Qaeda navy. Yeah, kick their asses!

"Somalia targets survived, US says," wrote the Los Angeles Times. "None of the three most-wanted al Qaeda suspects believed to be hiding in southern Somalia were killed . . . "

Their names? You wouldn't remember them anyway.

"The three high value targets are still of intense interest to us," said an anonymous official to the Times.

According to the reporter, a mother fleeing from the gunship said, "I don't know what kind of plane it was. People were saying it was an AC-130. All I know is that it was doing a terrible bombing."

And in the next graf, "Another report said five clan elders trying to [read a port city] were shot to death by a gunship."

As a strategy, it can be compared to taking a steamroller to the other side of town to crush a few ants.

The rhetorical question: What's so hot damned important about sending a Spectre gunship to Somalia as opposed to sending gunships into Pakistan?

Yet these are the strategies of the worst civilian military leader the United States could possibly have, a troubled and troublesome man of unswervingly paralytic directives and command style.

In other news from the Times, the newspaper listed the brigades taken from various divisions spread across the country in Bush's escalation with penny-packet forces to Baghdad strategy.

One is to be taken from a division based out of Ft. Riley, Kansas, one from Ft. Benning, GA, one from a division at Ft. Lewis, WA, and one from Ft. Stewart, GA. To find the divisions, just Google the installations along with ""

And finally, from the slogging offensive in Diyala province, one with no discernible goal: "Joint assault amid canals resumes -- US and Iraqi troops mounting an offensive ... find arms caches and tunnels but few insurgents."

"I think we killed the people that were going to fight," said one soldier to the Times.


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