Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MUSIC FOR OKDUBYA: Comical Ali, we hardly knew ye

Back in 2003, DD made up some tunes for the Uncle Sam CD. For some of them, Comical Ali furnished "found" vocals.

Known as Baghdad Bob in the US (Comical Ali is better, for which we have to thank the Brits I think, and their more dry sense of humor), who can forget even the spectacle of George W. Bush laughing it up for the television newsmedia, proclaiming Baghdad Bob was his man?

Already well-noted in a couple places by others, some of Comical Ali's better lines, now eerily accurate, were listed by Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, here.

Norman's favorites, and they're good ones, included: "The midget Bush and Rumsfeld deserve only to be beaten with shoes by freedom-loving people everywhere"; "Washington has thrown their soldiers on the fire"; "I speak better English than this villain Bush"; and "This invasion will end in failure."

For a blind pig, Comical Ali sure knew how to find truffles.

One is also reminded of busted watches being right twice a day, Ali being eventually on time better than that, George W. Bush not being right even once.

The art on the face of the Uncle Sam CD is above, courtesy of Pentagon information warfare artists. Excellent work, the colors are especially vivid.

Tunes included for your pleasure, drop ins courtesy of Comical Ali, are "The Faker, The Seer," here and "Mortared at Midnite, here.

The beginning and ending riffs in "The Faker" are taken from the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again."

"My feelings are as usual!" blurts Bob. This would be a good title for tonight's "New Way Forward" speech.

"Don't believe them, don't believe them, don't believe them!" shouts Bob at the end.

"You're not frightened, sir?" asked a British reporter three years ago. "Not at all, not at all, and you don't be frightened," replied Bob.

Also thrown in for good measure, the semi-instrumental, "Red Zone Bar-B-Q," here.


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