Monday, January 08, 2007

WAITING FOR OKDUBYA: Another day at the front

Waiting for the coming directives of GROFAZ, the greatest commander of all time, DD read today's account of battle with inapparent objective in the Los Angeles Times.

From the Iraq grinder, "US launches air assault on Sunni haven" was the headline.

"Over the last four days, columns of troops have pushed through hamlets populated by wheat farmers and sheep herders to clear an area that is riddled with spider holes, tunnels and weapons caches," wrote the Times.

"A small cache, including bomb-making equipment, was found in a hole on one abandoned property . . . American forces on the ground and in the air have spotted small groups of men, some armed and on motorcycles, moving along . . . canals."

"The insurgents put up a fierce fight, attacking in squad sized units in a battle that left two Americans and more than 70 insurgents dead."

One indicator of success, apparently, is getting blown up.

"[A mine] disabled a US Bradly fighting vehicle, injuring eight people. Such explosions have destroyed numerous vehicles . . . "

" ' That's a key indicator we are on the right track, ' said [one soldier]. "They don't want us here."

So OKDubya will send another panzer corps. Hold on.

Today's excerpt from Carrell's Hitler Move East, in the exciting chapter, "Through the Nogay Steppe."

"The village lay close by the main road . . . A flock of sheep was coming out the village. Westphal waved his arm at the shepherd. "' Get your flock off the road man, we're in a hurry!' '

"But the Tartar did not seem to understand. Perhaps he did not want to? Westphal opened his throttle . . . The sheep bleated wildly and scattered off in panic. The shepherd shouted and sent his dogs after them. It was no use. The sheep ran off the road. A moment later the air was rent with thunder and lightning. The sheep were being blown to smithereens. The flock had run into a minefield . . . Shells were bursting outside and inside the village.

" ' Take cover! ' "


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