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At Glenn Greenwald yesterday:

"Beyond specific policies, even the arguments made to justify these claims are redolent of the Bush/Cheney approach. With unrecognized irony, The Post article notes that 'the White House says it avoided trumpeting either the elevated threat level or the averted [Najibullah Zazi] crisis.' Really? What do you think this whole article is? It's nothing but Obama officials anonymously beating their chest over 'the averted crisis' -- just as was true for previous leaks from 'officials' claiming the Zazi plot was 'the most significant since 9/11.' Worse, in this very article, Obama officials are doing exactly what Bush officials spent years doing -- exploiting Terrorist plots and the fears they generate to justify the powers they demand. And they're using the same convoluted, manipulative logic to accomplish that.

"It's the Dick Cheney fear-mongering mantra exactly -- give us the unchecked power we demand unless you want to be killed by Najibullah Zazi -- and it's coming in equal measure from former Bush officials, Senate Democrats like Dianne Feinstein, and anonymous Obama officials."

I've written similary.

Be afraid of Najibullah Zazi -- the boogeyman who lurked in beauty parlor supply shops. Who surfed the Internet for peroxide bomb recipes, frantically sending out e-mails and hoping something would drop into his lap, allowing him to make a bomb like baking a cake.

Thanks guy, you've been a real help.

Guys like Najib Zazi are no more capable of seriously damaging the country than run-of-the-mill nuisances and fools like this man who tried to take materials related to making pipe bombs on an airplace, or this case of an anonymous nuisance and his pipe bomb or this -- still another instance -- of now arrested anonymous nuisances and their car full of pipe bombs and guns.

Howcum all the pipe-bombers didn't make news of big terror plots? Regular pipe-bomb making can almost be considered a red-blooded patriotic American hobby. Not convenient to the argument, that's why.

Are not made pipe-bombs as cool as unmade peroxide bombs?

The War on Terror Salesman

The Convenient Boogeyman -- straight out of young Muslim terorrist central casting.

Clueless Tome Friedman says beware the creativeness of Najib Zazi.


Blogger J. said...

I've been mulling over the need to post on this topic also, but got sidetracked on Afghanistan and other issues. Also wanted to see if the FBI was going to try to make its case early in the press, but that seems unlikely.

My two cents, this is a shot at the Cheneyites who want to brand Obama and co as people who can't be trusted with the nation's security. This is a "see, we can be assholes too" shot back at them. Which is pretty infantile, but not unexpected from the Dems. They continue to let the Repubs set the agenda.

8:17 AM  
Blogger George Smith said...

I think so. It's pretty transparent the way then can be bullied into Republican stock procedure, even down to using it as a political tool.

Which makes the Najib Zazis of the world even more pathetic. They think they're going on an earth-shaking jihad but wind up as a form of pseudo-reality news.

8:38 AM  

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