Tuesday, October 13, 2009


"Scientists have warned that Iran and North Korea could produce a weapon capable of paralysing Western electricity grids for months or years," reports the BBC.

Except that's a bald-faced lie.

There's no 'scientific' consensus bolstering the infamous electromagnetic pulse crazy lobby.

Thwarted in the United States, given the bum's rush after a summer-long p.r. effort and national convention, the EMP Crazy lobby has redoubled its efforts in Europe.

"US government adviser Avi Schnurr said efforts to protect the US electricity grid had already begun.

"Mr Schnurr is president of the International EMP Council, a coalition based in the US, which aims to stimulate efforts to protect against the risk of attacks using electromagnetic devices.

"Those feeding into the [EMP Crazy] network include scientists from around the world, governments, corporations and NGOs ..."

In standard EMP Crazy lobby fashion, it's 'experts' are passed off as government advisers.

Schnurr, for example, is no government adviser -- at least not with the Obama administration. He's just another ringer from the far right missile defense/bomb Iran lobby, now knee-capped by current events and politics.

"On Monday, the British Parliamentary Defence Select Committee heard how a nuclear warhead launched from a medium range missile and exploded 20 miles above the earth could cripple an entire country's power grid," continued the Beeb.

It's back to the time of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance or whatever iconic movie passes for the same in England. (A DD blog official No-Prize for the person who can suggest an appropriate title in the comments section.)

"Mr. Schnurr said that power, water and phones could fail ... Cars could run out of fuel, cities could be gridlocked and the economy could in effect be 'shut down.'"

"The scientists bomb Iran lobbyists who [don't] advise the [current] US government, said the biggest concern for defence planners was the threat from so-called 'rogue states' like Iran and North Korea."

Disappointingly, the BBC furnished an electromagnetic pulse graphic from the Federation of American Scientists, using the arms control and enlightenment organization in the promotion of evil, arms build-up and ignorance, the opposite for which it stands.

The electromagnetic pulse crazy/bomb Iran strategy: If we make enough dreadful videos and post them to YouTube, all repeating the same deadening script delivered by the same out-of-power white guys in suits, the sheep won't be able to resist our collective genius. "It's been well known for many many years," he says.


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