Thursday, August 06, 2009


Good news lads, good news! After 200 interviews I got a
job making a fraction of what I usedta! I'm a useless
useful US citizen again, contributing to the great leap forward!

You have to laugh on reading the blind ignorant optimism coming out of US business stories, the tales of people desperately trying to polish a turd situation that just won't be polished.

"[Don Yows, a fired HP executive] joined a local [job club] and applied for about 200jobs. He got three interviews and just one offer, which he decided to take.

"Yows now makes around $24,000 a year, about a fifth of what he was making for HP.

But it's good news, lads.

"You kind of feel like you're contributing again," he told Reuters. "You're a viable part of society."

Ya think?

"Some analysts see dramatic income changes becoming so commonplace that statistics will show income gaps narrowing as high-paying jobs decline in such sectors as finance," adds the news agency, not really getting to the point that this IS A REALLY BAD THING.

"Going forward the gap will shrink because people will be pushed into jobs that they don't really need a college degree to do. This is not part of the natural economic cycle," said Peter Morici, a professor at the University of Maryland.

Yes, could we agree, in straightforward language, that a compression in earnings toward a lowest common denominator occurs when more and more and more get to enjoy new niches at the bottom of the economy?

"This is a consequence of policies that have been pursued by previous administrations and exacerbated by Obama, such as never addressing the trade issue with China," he said.

"Wall Street banks and lawyers could collect nearly $1 billion in fees from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and American International Group Inc to help manage and break apart the insurer, The Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday, citing its own analysis," recited Reuters here.

Yes, everyone now knows the meme by heart: The very people who caused the calamity must now be rewarded even more richly so that, in a mania of wishful thinking, they don't make things worse. Kind of like admirably keeping Don Rumsfeld on for years and years while everyone could see he'd driven the bus over the cliff.

"According to the newspaper, the situation creates potential conflicts of interest in oversight by causing the government to employ many companies it regulates," added the newsmen.

"Neither the administration, nor our political system in general, is ready to face up to the fact that we’ve become a society in which the big bucks go to bad actors, a society that lavishly rewards those who make us poorer." -- See Krugman, although I bet you already have.

To frame it locally, it's always important to keep the vagrants swept out of the parking lot at Ralph's on Lake in Pasadena. And to make it impossible for anyone to buy beer in less than six-packs and cases so that public drinking is stamped out. Drunks and bums aren't like those wizards still working at Indymac across the street, the place the US government had to seize and administer so that it didn't completely incinerate another section of the economy.

We just haveta keep our priorities in the right order, lads!

Someone called me the other day to ask why I thought Americans weren't in the streets more.

Well, they are! For example, they're not going to let any Democrat scalawags enact any Commie plot health plan that would put Pap and Granny to death!

See it here.

So we do still know how to protest against the right shit.


Today's tortured AP story in which statistics are mangled, numbers massaged and the tea leaves burned, all to show how rising unemployment and insignificant changes in the slope of the curve show good stuff is just around the corner.

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