Thursday, August 27, 2009


Run out of Pennsylvania by Bob Casey in 2006 for being too hard right and demented for my home state, Rick Santorum has done what many in the GOP choose to do in their semi-retirement -- join the electromagnetic pulse crazy lobby.

For instance, see former presidential candidate and Fox News weekend show host Mike Huckabee, doing the same thing here.

It's impossible to satirize the GOP over its electromagnetic pulse crazy wing, which is substantial. The party creates unintentionally hilarious comedy on YouTube, where numerous famous people can be seen spouting the cant on imminent electromagnetic pulse catastrophe.

(See here and here and here. One would be hard-pressed to imagine a bigger instance in which a group of people offer themselves up for deserved ridicule. Oh wait, yeah, healthcare reform. Or everything else.)

To repeat from a month or so back:

"If a thing is backed up by hard science [like global warming or evolution], the Republican party denies its existence. If, however ... something [is] rather abstract to almost all Americans, rests almost entirely on theoretical prediction, is ... not likely to ever occur at all, and then only in the context of what would promise to be an all out nuclear war, [like electromagnetic pulse doom], the GOP believes in it very strongly."

Rick Santorum, being another of many depressingly common cases in point, has belligerently promoted creationism. Which makes him the very definition of an ignorant man. This ignorance was underlined by his comparing gay people to those who crave sexual intimacy with animals, something which led to his name being globally tied, through the magic of Google, to a very vulgar thing. (It's the third link down, if you are really curious.)

Eventually, even the voters of the fairly conservative state of Pennsyltucky couldn't stand him anymore.

One does not expect Santorum to show any deviance from the script of electromagnetic pulse doom. And for the Philly News, he does not disappoint.

"Most cities would be out of food and medicine in a few days, thanks to the prevalence of 'just-in-time' inventory," Santorum writes, retelling what must inevitably happen after an electromagnetic pulse sneak attack.

"Without water pumps, there would be little potable water. Life after such a strike, EMP Commission Chairman William Graham has said, would look [like a return to the times portrayed in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.]

"Only worse: The population [at the time of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance] wasn't concentrated in cities without access to sufficient food or safe water. People then knew how to survive without electricity and modern transportation. We don't."


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Blogger George Smith said...

No, really your comment should have read like this:

Anonymous GOP EMP Crazy said:

Still ... you haven't given a point by point rebuttal of the Commission reports.

You sound like one of those fundamentalists who don't believe in creationism and that the world isn't 6000 years old.

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