Monday, March 09, 2009


Terror cells all over the country! Not AIG or
Citigroup or Bank of America ...

"US efforts to identify and thwart the growing threat posed by Pakistani extremists who enjoy easy access to the United States -- and already have a significant presence here -- are being undermined by the government of Pakistan, according to current and former US and Western counterterrorism officials," reported the LA Times on the frontpage here.

Danger! Danger! Not from terrorists ready to strike, but from a national news story larded with "authorities say"-type claims, fill-ins from Congressional testimony and absence of any concrete who, what, when, why or how. Number of sources actually named on first page? Zero.

Where do the terrorists have a significant presence in the US? No one says.

"Militants from 'less well-known terrorist groups ... are merely an e-ticket away from the United States," reads a box-out quote, regurgitating public domain testimony from FBI director Robert Mueller III.

Out pops an old George W. Bush administration official to deliver some rumint: "Juan Carlos Zarate, the deputy national security adviser for counter-terrorism to the Bush administration" tells the newspaper: "there are [Lashkar-e-Taiba]-tied individuals in the country we need to be worried about."

Then an old terror case from five years ago is trotted out, sans the five years ago part: "Nearly a dozen Americans, including many members of the so-called Virginia Jihad Network have been convicted in US courts of training at Lashkar camps." (They used to be called the Paintball Terrorists but that sounded pathetic and was changed to the more serious and professional-seeming VJN.)

Incidentally, the map used for effect in this post is from a Congressional report issued a few years back. At the time, DD added the "Map of the United States of al Qaeda" caption because its purpose was to show how the country was dripping in infiltrators and provocateurs.


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