Monday, September 29, 2008

HONK IF YOU HATE JESUS: National Heevahava Day. Hey, it didn't suck, said one

"It is important for your life not to have the wrath of God upon you for who you vote for in November," Gus Booth told the faithful. "That doesn't suck, does it?"

Just in time for yesterday's closing graf on evangelical Christian advocacy of God's word intolerance and social division came Reverend Gus Booth of Warroad Community Church. One might say he was custom-made for Honk If You Hate Jesus.

From this morning's Grand Forks Herald in North Dakota, a bale of quote, fresh as midwestern hay, perfectly sampling the national appeal of the heevahava. And the yen for a state religion, one which damns Democrats and anyone else who doesn't subscribe to it.

"Obama condones what the Bible condemns ... The person who’s going to get my vote is the one who’s the most biblical ... Democrats are ignorant in their Christianity ... Amen."

What more could there be to say? Rid us of the perverted poofs? Oh wait, yes, that's in there, too.

"[Gus Booth] is one of several clergy across the country to endorse a candidate from behind the pulpit on what was declared 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday' by the Alliance Defense Fund," wrote the newspaper. This was part of a nationwide operation designed to promote religious intolerance in the name of the Bible. And to provoke sanctions from the Internal Revenue Service on political preaching from a tax exempt shelter so that the issue can be dragged into court.

The story will continue to enjoy a high profile in the mainstream media. Other religious men will come forward to deliver opinion pieces on how thoughtless and wrong it is, that it peddles hate disguised as religious advice, like this excerpt on Google opinions:

"It’s disgraceful that the Religious Right is trying to forge America’s houses of worship into a partisan political machine. The good news is that a growing number of clergy are speaking out against it. They realize that a pastor’s job is to bring people together – Republicans, Democrats and independents – not use the pulpit to drive wedges into congregations. I am confident that the religious community and the American people at large will reject this reckless scheme." -- Rev. Barry W. Lynn

Or this, entitled the God Vote.

And then everything will go back to business as usual, the branding of the GOP as the exclusive party of God so as to make easier the denouncing of kuffars.

Right in there with the Third World

Chart at NY Times showing US religiosity mapped on par with Third World nations. Woo-hoo!

According to his Bible

"According to my Bible and in my opinion, there is no way in the world a Christian can vote for Barack Hussein Obama," said Reverend Wiley Drake of Buena Park, CA, Sunday. Drake advocated his congregation vote for him and Alan Keyes of the American Independent Party. (Drake calls for faithful to curse ungodly with imprecatory prayer here.)

"Mr. Obama is not standing up for anything that is tradition in America."

Source: Los Angeles Times.


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