Tuesday, January 22, 2008

E-MAIL OF THE WEEK: Anonymous 'scientist' objects to debunk of kitchen-made bioterror

Secret institute man alarmed by DD's ridicule of this Mujahideen Poisons Handbook recipe for producing botox in your kitchen.

Dear sir/ madam ...

i [sic] am writing to bring to your attention the article by ... [from] August 8 2005. I admit that this is a little late in coming but I only came across this article on your site by chance through my own in depth research.

The article provides information where a chemist "George Smith" [sic] claims that instructions given in the "Muhajideen poisons handbook" are useless regarding the manufacture of Botulinum ( so-called Betaluminum).

I have PhD [sic] in microbiology. I cannot disclose [my] institute for obvious reasons ... It is imperative to me that we do not shy away from the main issue. The instructions given are in no way concise or professional. However they are in a very liberal sense correct and can be used by individuals at home to create a "poison" that if untreated could easily kill an adult in less than 32 hours. (test results from oral application). (application through a wound would be 300% more affective [sic])

I urge you in the name of safety to consider a full retraction. I will be posting a similar letter to all related articles i [sic] find.

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