Thursday, September 20, 2007


It would seem purely coincidence that the same week the mercenary group, Blackwater USA, would be in the news for pumping fire into civilians in Baghdad, it would appear on Futureweapons peddling automatic shotguns, armored cars and the application of massive firepower.

Futureweapons, hosted by the shaven-headed ex-Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz, is the most dreadful of "reality" shows on cable television.

As such, it's been pilloried on these pages and, to summarize, it is television which exists only as a p.r. outlet for arms manufacturers, mostly American, and their corporate videos of cluster bombs, fuel air explosives, robotic mines, artillery pieces and super-machine guns. (This season the show appears to also have a prime directive to advertise for Bofors, a Swedish arms manufacturer.)

This week's episode was devoted to a trip to Blackwater USA's sprawling installation in North Carolina.

On display was the the Grizzly, a fifteen ton armored car invented and made by Blackwater USA, and automatic shotguns that fire as fast as machine guns. The automatic shotguns were claimed, by a Blackwater employee, to be the most powerful of their kind, capable of shooting small grenades.

A common Futureweapons theme is the massive amount of firepower that American-made weapons can put downrange and onto "the enemy."

This massive firepower is always said, with much grinning, enthusiasm and lip-smacking, to "strike fear" into anyone being subjected to it. That such massive firepower appears not to have had quite the desired effect in Iraq is never commented upon. However, the Blackwater USA segment of Futureweapons did not depart from the script.

Everyone on camera marveled at the flamingly massive firepower of Blackwater's weaponry down on the various ranges. Naturally, it was not hard for any viewer to imagine a detachment of Blackwater men, as a proxy American security force, deploying this massive firepower into Iraqi civilians, perhaps from behind the machine gun ports of their Grizzly armored cars.

If this segment from Futureweapons, like others, was ever played as part of an evening network news show it would be viewed as psychotic and tasteless, an advertisement for atrocities-on-demand.

One would view the part where the hopped-up host uses a Blackwater machine gun to riddle a civilian automobile with a dummy behind the wheel as magnificently and malevolently mentally ill.

However, Futureweapons is only on cable where most people cannot see how crazy it is. And that is really a shame.

Futureweapons: Extolling the virtues of weaponry designed for massacres.


Anonymous Enrico Suarve said...


If you like that you'll love this - the initial state department report into the events of Sept 16th was WRITTEN by a Blackwater contractor

From CNN:

Apparently the answer to the age old question is that its the guards who guard the guards

Have Fun, ES

12:42 PM  

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