Monday, July 24, 2006


Ha-ha. Claiming something to be rocking is easy. CBS's Supernova, Tommy Lee and Jason Newsted -- heh-heh - rock! As readers of this blog surely know. But not as much as Pat Travers, who doesn't need television and a network production budget to prove that he's not dead yet.

Pat Travers' "PT Power Trio 2" CD is something to have if you're still listening to hard rock in your old age. Pat Travers was a mainstay in the Dick Destiny jukebox during the 70's and 80's. The power blooz guitarist was a virtuoso of the electric six-string, a writer of note within the idiom, and a live performer of power, concussion and grace.

We have just about every one of his records that matters.

Records of classic rock covers have gained in popularity with artists over the past couple years. They've decided there's no stigma to performing the songs of their older rock heroes and the loyal core of fans they retain has no problem with it. Take for example, Def Leppard's "Yeah!" -- written of here. It's glammy version of the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset" is superb, the entirety the record making you remember why you fell in love with 70's British hard rock the first time around.

However, the hard rock record in my changer the most this past two months, the one that is purest of soul and undiluted in delivery, is Pat Travers' new one. It is part of producer Mike Varney's Shrapnel series in which known and semi-known guitarists in the idiom are given a plateful of classic rock hits and fan favorites to perform. Sometimes they work spectacularly -- the Pat Travers selection is one such -- and none have been less than fair.

Travers' CD is the second he's done for Varney. "PT Power Trio" was published a a couple years ago and was exceptional for its concentration on Texan hard rock, covering ZZ Top, Point Blank, and Stray Dog. Varney's taste in hard rock apparently is about identical with Dick Destiny's.

In any case, DD blog recommended Travers' "PT Power Trio" to Byron Goozemann, the Highway Kings' old second guitarist. Goozemann has catholic tastes in music and not much gets a rise out of him.

But for his Blog of Lose, he waxes enthusiastic on the new Pat Travers disc.

On a tip from Dick Destiny, I picked up the new Pat Travers Power Trio 2, CD. Most people might remember Pat Travers from his lone early 80's hit "Snortin Whiskey, Drinking Cocaine" tune where he hit his peak and did the arena circuit. So what does an aging ex-guitar hero offer today, you might ask? Absolutely killer versions of classic rock tunes, that's what.

Read the entirety of it in Snortin' cover tunes, drinking Oranges.

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