Thursday, January 14, 2010


This next quote deserves special bold print because it's so pandering.

Local state pol, whose job it is to attract even more federal funding, a facility and jobs to his little state, says what he thinks Americans need to hear about the bright and glorious future.

Think of it as trying to land the Ft. Detrick of Cybersecurity. Which already exists at the NSA and a bunch of other places but ... hey, you can never have too much duplication, triplication and cubing of effort and overspending on defense contractors.

"The Maryland report recommends aligning the state's cyber-security initiatives with those of the Obama administration, and also proposes a National Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity," reports something called , a publication on everything you need to know about sclerotic fleecings contractings in technology.

"This [national] center, Maryland officials say, would include an incubator, labs to test hardware and software, facilities for education and training, a clearinghouse to share information and a team with cyber-security auditing capabilities. These critical components, officials say, will give the U.S. leverage in a worldwide Web war.

"If you look at how modern warfare is going to be fought, it isn't so much about having the best tanks and planes anymore but having the best computers that protect the tanks and planes," Christian S. Johansson, secretary of Maryland's Department of Business and Economic Development, told the publication.

"This is a great business opportunity, but also a patriotic duty."

Yep, it's a patriotic duty to send even more money to the Northrop Grummans, Lockheeds, SAICs, Booz Allens and the rest of the cult of cyberwar. So they use computers to protect the tanks and planes from IEDs and underpants bombers and the locals in impoverished Muslim countries, however that might be accomplished.

Forgot the protect-the-financial-sector script this time, the hackers will bring down Wall Street thing because everyone knows tragedy would ensue if the banks and their financial instruments are mishandled. One wonders why that fine chestnut of wisdom was left out.

"But they hacked gmail!" I hear you say. I know. It's a shameful thing, a harbinger of the end of American supremacy.

The Cult of Cyberwar -- from the archives.


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