Thursday, June 01, 2006

THE REBELS WHO SHARE THEIR TOUR-BUS TOILET: Record debuts at #1, still not good enough for some reason

Uncle Larry announced the Dixie Chicks at Numero Uno last night but it's not good enough for the mainstream news. That's still evidence rural or country-lovin' or Leader-supportin' Americans are making the girls pay.

"Taking The Long Way," their third chart-topper, sold 525,000 copies in the week ended May 28, according to tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan. The figure ranks as one of the biggest openings of the year, and exceeds industry expectations by more than 100,000 copies. But it paled against the 780,000 copies that their last studio release . . ." transmitted Reuters.

Bet on the media -- which has already given the Dixie Chicks' script of earning woe and blows for talk deemed unpatriotic -- to keep chewing gums and pursing lips over this newest cruelty or petty slight, depending on your POV. By contrast, Tool, a California prog metal act which receives virtually no press on the order of the Dixie Chicks, alse debuted in the number #1 slot with its new album, which had move a bit over half a million copies.

That's the Chicks story and they're sticking to it, as they proved decisively on the Uncle Larry show. The "interview" afforded the chance for citizens to call in and make nice with the Chicks. No spittle-spraying mean drunks from Texas or other parts calling them sluts allowed, although everyone heard about the calumny of such. One foaming drunk, however, was allowed in over the phone and he was just the right tail-wagging kind of junkyard dog. That was the fellow who called Don Rumsfeld a coward and asked if the Chicks thought he was the same. They dodged around a little with talk about a Weaver -- it would be quite something, you know, to actually call someone a coward if you weren't smelling strongly of drink on primetime -- but it was still good for a Chicks & Larry giggle.

In the mean-time, another southern girl -- make that southern hemisphere girl -- Leanne Kingwell isn't doing so bad on the more modest college radio charts. According to Spins Tracking System, the Australian's tune "More," from her latest album on Krill Records, is at #7 behind offers by the Flaming Lips, Rob Zombie, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a couple others.

Visit Leanne Kingwell here.


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