JDAM the Destructor


US bomber command failed to hit every leadership target it aimed for during Iraqi Freedom. The fact was that the bombing was so inaccurate it became a joke to everyone in the know, everyone except the people watching CNN and Fox or listening to the grand proclamations of technical military supremacy passed on by the Pentagon. Although you can destroy many things and kill lots of people with American-made bombs, nothing can mandate that they will actually be the things you had in mind for destroying when bomb release was made.

The JDAM is the most "accurate" bomb in the world. Without fail, it hits what it is aimed at. It exposes without mercy the enemy and populace it is unleashed upon to the errors of its masters.

"Iraq 'N' Roll!" is inspired by the JDAM, the Joint Direct Attack Munition, the Destructor.


The legend of The Destructor, dating from World War I, was that it was a great and sinister machine. The property of the government, The Destructor was a human reduction engine. It worked night and day, accepting the bodies, live and dead, of combatants and civilians, boiling them down into tallows and soaps. In another guise, it took humans as trash and rendered them into soot.

Like it or not, the perception is that today Uncle Sam's gift to the world is the modern vision of The Destructor. It is the veneration of the duty of war, the illogical religious belief in bombing as the winning way in a struggle against fear. It is the JDAM, the irrational gaiety of the media and the smirking official "f--- you's" that accompany every announcement of a new strategy to find alleged WMD's or search and destroy "bad guys."

Iraq 'N' Roll!

[Ptoof! That's accuracy!]

Another JDAM right on the money. "Freedom sandwiches
for everyone in Iraq, on me," says Uncle Sam. "Enjoy!"