[Too inflammatory for the official history of leaflet drops in Iraqi Freedom.]

The image on the left is a leaflet dropped by Central Command air forces during Iraqi Freedom. Its message is blunt: Dear reader, you're going to get your head blown off.

Originally, Uncle Sam was proud of its leafletting campaign. The news media spoke of how America's air-delivered postcards would convince Iraqis that our forces meant them no harm. And Iraqis would surely be safe if they just got out of the way and let the air force finish with old Saddam and his minions.

This psychological operation was more successful on the US media. It bought the fantasy.

The leaflet of an Iraqi's head flying inside a fireball once was displayed on the Central Command website. But it has since been removed from public view, most evidence that it even existed -- erased. Central Command's gallery remains but many of the images have been pulled, presumably to sanitize this small "official" part of the war. [Note: This leaflet existed in two copies, an English and Iraqi version. Both are gone.]

It is put forward here as suitable art for a T-shirt. It was your tax dollars that paid for the thing, so you ought to get something for your money.

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Questions? George Smith, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, GlobalSecurity.Org