Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Twenty miles from DD's ol' home in the piney woods of Pennsyltucky.

From a local newspaper:


The threat of bioterrorism is real. To provide a solution to rapidly defend the country against bioterror events and pandemics, the Department of Defense is actively seeking modern ideas that will dramatically increase the shelf life and stability of ready-to-administer medicines.

Thanks to the leadership, legislative efforts and foresight of Congressman Tim Holden, this critical advanced research has received additional funding and support during the past three years. The pharmaceutical-packaging division of SCHOTT North America in Lebanon, assisted by the company's Pennsylvania-based regional research and development group, has been competitively awarded U.S. Army funding. This funding was specifically sponsored by Holden to advance the state of the art in pharmaceutical packaging.

The funding award has helped SCHOTT to confidently invest in a new syringe line that will add 40 new jobs this year and is expected to ultimately lead to an additional 80Lebanon manufacturing jobs as the market develops.

Holden has been extremely effective in seeking solutions for the safety and security of every American while at the same time providing his constituent in dustries the opportunity to expand and competitively grow in this difficult economic environment.

Every Pennsylvania resident should take pride that the important work of defending against a biological Pearl Harbor is being supported by the efforts of Congressman Holden.


The original.

Boldface mine.


Anonymous bonze said...

"Biological/Electronic/Whaddya Whaddya Pearl Harbor"

-- is that where you launch a sneak attack, kill several thousand people, sink some irrelevant battleships, and call off the third wave which might have left all the Pacific Theatre's oil reserves in flames?

"I shall run wild considerably for the first six months or a year but I have utterly no confidence for the second and third years." -- Adm. Yamamoto

Color me puzzled... it's an event that will live forever in the annals of infamy, and is likewise enshrined in the annals of strategic Bad Calls.

I think if these folks had a better grasp of naval history they'd be invoking Salamis, or maybe Copenhagen, The Battle of the Nile, and Trafalgar. If they want to, uh, induce fear.

I'm just sayin', y'know...

5:48 PM  
Blogger George Smith said...

Well, from experience it's because electronic Trafalgar wouldn't have caught on with newspaper reporters or writers of military future seer papers back pre-1994.

The reason I saw 1994 is that's about when it reached a real head of steam as a meme. I wrote the first paper criticizing it back then, so I had to wade through all the quote.

Believe me, the coinage was mostly invented to captivate journalists and those who only know a few things about history.

Sidenote, after I'd debunked it all the search engines pointed to my archive on it first. Which necessitated the 'theoreticians' change the phrase. At that point, it morphed into 'digital Pearl Harbor,' sidestepping pesky search algorithms, so to speak.

That's the short history of it, silly as it seems.

10:11 PM  

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